Big money chases AI, antitrust chases big tech, and the metaverse lives

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    Generative artificial intelligence continued to make headlines this week, as Amazon Web Services swooped in with a multibillion-dollar investment in Anthropic and OpenAI sought to sell its employee stock at a whopping $90 billion valuation. Exclusive.

    Meanwhile, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and former Apple design chief Jony Ive are considering developing something like an iPhone for AI. And AI chips are coming out one after another.

    Antitrust efforts also appear to be intensifying around the world, with the Federal Trade Commission pursuing and French authorities raiding Nvidia’s offices.

    Finally, the Metaverse is not dead yet. Meta Platforms has finally released goggles and glasses that may be of interest to more than just complete geeks and gamers.

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    Here’s the news SiliconANGLE tracked last week:

    AI madness$$

    What’s interesting is that AWS appears to be taking exception to the trend of avoiding acquiring businesses through such deals. That said, while Amazon is seen as lagging behind Microsoft and Google in AI advancements (sometimes mistakenly IMO), it’s more likely to do so through partnerships with the likes of Hugging Face and perhaps here at Anthropic. An open approach may prove more attractive to developers. At least Google Cloud made this move. Amazon to invest up to $4 billion in generative AI developer Anthropic

    OpenAI is reportedly considering selling shares at a valuation of up to $90 billion Can such a large valuation ever work out so quickly?

    Especially if major partners are working on alternative models: Microsoft avoids risks and explores more cost-effective AI models

    iPhone? Sam Altman and Jony Ive are reportedly discussing an ‘AI hardware device’ project

    Without vectors, there is no AI. MongoDB enhances vector search capabilities to power faster, more accurate generative AI apps and Time series database Timescale adds AI vector search

    This shouldn’t cause any problems. CIA announces it is building a ChatGPT-style generative AI chatbot to assist data analysts

    And not to be left behind: U.S. Army signs $250 million contract with Palantir for AI research and development

    CEO Matthew Prince is deploying employees around the world with “suitcases full of GPUs” to connect to the growing cloud infrastructure. Cloudflare unveils full-stack platform for deploying AI at scale

    OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of AI. OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot now lets users get answers using voice and images and search the web: OpenAI puts ChatGPT on the internet so you can find the latest information

    But so do our competitors. Mistral AI releases open source language model with 7B parameters and AI startup Cohere takes on OpenAI with new Chat API and Coral demo chatbot

    SAP Debuts Joule, a Generative AI Copilot to Deliver Intelligent Insights Across Software Portfolio

    Workday aims to transform human capital and financial management using generative AI But that didn’t please Wall Street on Thursday. Downward revision of profit forecast.

    SRI International spins out Synfini, an AI-powered drug discovery platform provider

    Amazon launches new Bedrock features and general availability to help organizations leverage generative AI

    Gen AI on mainframe, hmm: IBM updates tools to move next-generation AI development to mainframes

    Infinite AI chips: AI chip startup Kneron secures $49 million investment and Chinese AI chip maker Enflame raises $237 million in late-stage funding round

    Further efforts to avoid generational AI illusions: Aporia adds protection against AI hallucinations

    in the cloud

    I bet you don’t want to sell Bing right now. Please post OpenAI. Report: Microsoft tried to sell Bing to Apple in 2020

    Dell expands APEX portfolio to extend Microsoft Azure cloud to the edge

    API-connected King Kong unveils purpose-built cloud infrastructure and AI developer tools

    HPE infrastructure powers the most intelligent, connected and sustainable Ryder Cup ever

    Cybersecurity victory

    Integration continues: Report: Palo Alto Networks targets Dig Security in acquisition worth more than $300 million

    And a lot of money: VPN provider Nord Security raises $100 million at $3 billion valuation

    More focus on AI model security: Security threats to large-scale AI language models are growing, and efforts to fix them are accelerating

    Similar to OpenCesspool: Yet another hack hits NFT market OpenSea

    You’ve probably heard about the red team and the blue team. How “purple teams” work together to assess cybersecurity threats

    AWS reveals details of ‘MadPot’ tool used to thwart thousands of cyberattacks

    round up

    Violation of antitrust law

    Lina Khan is by no means a slam dunk yet. stretch Because a lot of what Amazon has done is to claim that they have raised prices or are going to raise prices.: FTC and 17 states sue Amazon over e-commerce practices

    Another leg from across the pond, pending evidence: French antitrust regulators have reportedly raided NVIDIA’s local offices.

    On the other hand, in the metaverse

    Eventually, one of these devices could become ubiquitous… if a killer app that goes beyond gaming emerges: Meta unveils mixed reality Quest 3 headset and next-generation RayBan smart glasses

    that metaverse video The story between Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg and podcaster Lex Fridman is…interesting, but I think it’s more creepy than convincing. Uncanny valley and all that.

    Some possibilities are probably: Meta deploys AI experiences across apps and devices and Campfire brings enterprise holographic collaboration to Meta Quest 3 with planned AI assistant

    And Zeus Kerabala is checking out what Major League Baseball is trying. MLB searches for hits with Virtual Ballpark Metaverse experiment

    and elsewhere too

    Endless battle: FCC reportedly seeks reinstatement of 2015 net neutrality rules

    Intel is making further progress. Intel begins mass production of chips using cutting-edge EUV technology

    It’s still tough in the land of memories: Soft guidance and lackluster demand weigh on Micron stock

    Data Mesh founder Zhamak Dehghani’s company raises funding: Data mesh startup Nextdata raises $12 million in funding

    For better or worse (probably), digitizing your handwritten notes: Reproducing the charm of handwritten messages on a large scale

    comings and goings

    Retired Amazon executive Dave Limp becomes CEO of Jeff Bezos’ space venture Blue Origin

    Transaction completed: Andy Jassy and Dave Limp welcome Panos Panay as Amazon’s new device and services leader

    Intel AI head Kavitha Prasad steps down to head AWS’s security business

    Dell names Jeff Boudreau chief AI officer and creates AI business unit

    alexis black bjorlin, Meta executive leading AI chip development to resign

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