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    Enterprise XR technology is at a tipping point. After years of hype and speculation, XR companies are highlighting how the technology is reaching a broader range of enterprise end users.

    The technology behind enterprise XR is rapidly expanding, and headsets from a variety of XR leaders are bringing new attention to the innovative field.

    Despite the positive outlook, many people do not use or embrace technology outside of entertainment. However, as companies emphasize positive enterprise use cases, optical technology will improve and perhaps lead to greater adoption.

    However, the immersive journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing, with Meta once again laying off employees in its Reality Labs division.

    VR neurosurgery NVIDIA Omniverse

    Recently, VR medical surgical training company Atlas Meditech partnered with NVIDIA to leverage its Omniverse platform to train surgeons before they enter the operating room and rehearse complex surgeries using AI and lifelike images. I made it possible to do it.

    Through the MONAI medical imaging framework, the company uses integrated NVIDIA tools to train neurosurgeons more deeply and realistically using artificial intelligence (AI) and photorealistic, accurate simulation. . By combining integrated technologies, we aim to improve surgical outcomes and patient safety around the world.

    In NVIDIA’s blog post, Dr. Aaron Cohen Gadol, founder of Atlas Meditech and the nonprofit Neurosurgical Atlasdescribed the features of the platform and explained:

    Atlas provides neurosurgeons with a collection of multimedia tools that allow them to rehearse surgeries in their heads the night before the actual surgery. Using accelerated computing and digital twins, we want to turn this mental rehearsal into a highly realistic simulated rehearsal.

    NVIDIA Omniverse supports these technologies in a platform for developing and hosting 3D metaverse applications. It allows Atlas Meditech to build bespoke visualizations of patient rest periods to rehearse the surgery before entering theatre.

    Meta for the layoff problem

    This Wednesday, reporters came out to highlight Mehta’s plans to lay off additional employees from its Reality Lab division.

    Meta will eliminate employees from its Facebook Agile Silicon Team (FAST) division in connection with its bespoke silicon design capabilities.

    Employees initially received notice of the layoffs on Meta’s internal discussion forum, Workplace, on Tuesday, two sources familiar with the situation told Reuters the day before the announcement.

    Today, FAST has a staff of 600 people, many of whom manufacture custom semiconductors for Meta’s device lineup. These allow the company to compete with chipsets for specified tasks, computing requirements, and efficiency.

    EndeavorXR CEO says creativity is ‘the cornerstone’ of decision-making in XR

    Amy Peck, Founder and CEO of EndeavorXRsat down with XR Today to discuss this week’s creativity conference and explore the importance of developing innovative XR solutions.

    Mr. Peck said in the conversation:

    This is interesting because I think we understand creativity especially as it relates to games and entertainment. But in my work, which focuses primarily on enterprises and innovation, I think it’s somewhat undervalued, although equally important.

    Even when we talk about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, I strongly believe that it is STEAM education because it is art, which is creativity. The way we think in terms of output is not necessarily pure creativity, but the way we solve problems is also creative thinking.

    Peck also explained that companies are “constrained by investments, by quarterly reports, by bosses,” and that XR advocates “need to push open doors every day.” Rather, companies can empower employees to sit down and form cross-functional creative teams to explore other, more productive and interesting ways to focus on invention rather than incremental improvements. can. Those companies are going to be positioned to prepare for this flood of technology that’s going to hit us. ”

    Jack Daniel’s and IW Group leverage spatial metaverse

    In another exclusive interview this week, XR Today spoke: Keenan Harris (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Brand Director) and Terry Wong (IW Group Chief Content Officer)describes The Verse, an XR marketing campaign.

    Using technology from the Spatial platform, buyers of smartphones, tablets, PCs, and VR headsets can access the brand’s immersive experiences.

    Terry Wong said the company is celebrating the almost 20-year history of Jack Honey’s Art, Beats and Lyrics program and looking “to the future of urban art and hip-hop, especially in the wake of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary.” He mentioned how he created The Verse. ”

    Wong added:

    By harnessing the power of Web3 and VR, we can not only provide a global platform for up-and-coming artists, but also connect hip-hop fans around the world who are equally fascinated by these new technologies.

    Additionally, Wong explained how the company leverages genAI services such as Midjourney and Dall-E on its projects to power workflows during the creative development stage behind some of the service’s visuals. .

    Keenan Harris concluded by adding:

    XR is an exciting new frontier for Jack Daniel’s. Our Digital Marketing team has been closely monitoring these technologies and platforms over the past few years. The Verse is one of our first activations in this area.

    We, like The Verse, look forward to exploring ways to combine these new technologies with existing IRL programs and tactics.


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