Bit.Store Integrates TUSD for Enhanced Crypto Card Security

    Published on:

    Bit.Store, which offers crypto cards in Berlin, announced We have signed a new agreement with TrueUSD to improve our services and provide our users with more stable financial options.

    Through this partnership, Bit.Store users will be able to load their cards with TUSD tokens, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar known for its stability and transparency. Smart contracts and independent verification make TUSD a trusted brand for everyday purchases.

    This partnership is in line with Bit.Store's goal of providing a hassle-free experience for using cryptocurrencies. The organization also plans to develop a mobile application, increase its ambassador program, and implement new recharge models such as Bitcoin Ordinal in the short term.

    TUSD briefly stalled shortly after this news broke, but has since stabilized and is moving closer to its $1 peg. However, Bit.Store remains optimistic that this partnership will ultimately benefit customers through a more secure and efficient payment mechanism for cryptocurrencies.

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