Black Eyed Peas’ Gives AI in Music a Thumbs Up

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    As AI technology divides opinion in the music, arts and entertainment industries, musician has hailed AI technology in music as “the new renaissance.”

    The recent widespread adoption of AI in the music and art industries has raised concerns from some stakeholders, including the artists themselves. Copyright is one of the issues with artists, as is the rise of non-human music. But AI is also seen as the “perfect assistant” in music, helping producers mix and master songs.

    Spice up your music with AI

    busy On ITV’s “Good Morning Britain,” the Black Eyed Peas band members praise AI as a tool they can use to create their music. writes a lot of his own music, but thinks AI can add some spice to it.

    “People have to decide what type of song they want to write because I wrote songs like Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, Where Is the Love? Because they write great versions and original Boom Boom Pows.”

    “It’s a very, very, very unique world that we’re entering. It’s a new renaissance,” added the musician.

    something new also said that AI technology not only imitates what has already been created, but also creates new ones.

    According to Sky News reportabout 63% of young artists between the ages of 16 and 24 are making music with the help of AI.

    Asked if there should be any concern or excitement about AI, the 48-year-old musician said:

    “What worries me is what we can do as humans, and the regulations and guidelines we impose on the people building the models.

    “There is the fact that AI imitates, but at the same time it doesn’t make a provision as to where humans own their similarities in their essence…well, that’s one thing. AI doesn’t decide that, Humans decide.”

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    AI music and its critics

    Music cannot escape the generative AI boom that has swept the arts and entertainment industries.

    While it’s considered a game-changer, it’s also received its fair share of criticism.

    Some artists aren’t happy with the use of generative AI in their music. Rapper and actor Ice Cube has expressed his feelings about AI music, calling it “diabolical.” The musician has made it clear that he will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone who uses AI to create music using his voice and style. This also includes the platform that sells that music.

    Universal Music Group has previously called on streaming platforms to remove AI music, describing it as “fraud” and detrimental to musicians.

    No compromises on quality?

    according to rolling stone According to the article, even before AI music flooded the market, major labels had reason to fear being overtaken by AI music. Another concern is that listeners are exposed to low-quality content.

    Universal Music CEO Lucien Grainge stressed that the streaming service sees about 100,000 uploads every day. He said consumers are being “led increasingly by algorithms to low-quality, functional content, and in some cases music that barely passes.”

    AI in music beyond sound

    The AI ​​boom continues this year, with AI tools such as image generation, speech-to-text conversion, text-to-image conversion, text-to-video generation, and text-to-speech generation becoming widespread.

    Musician and program director at Sound Connections, Tee Peters, has been using AI in music for a long time and says the technology always comes to the rescue when he’s short on manpower.

    “There have been times in my travels that I’ve been alone, without the whole team together, without the producers and engineers,” says Peters. Said sky news.

    “AI-powered software and tools can help fill in the missing people in the room.”

    Aside from making music, he uses AI to market his music and create cover art.

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