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    SecondLive’s AR capabilities allow users to seamlessly blend their avatars, custom outfits, and V-Dance digital assets with the real world.

    SecondLive’s AR Capabilities Redefine Connectivity and Expression

    SecondLive has taken a leap forward by introducing Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to its platform. Users will be able to seamlessly integrate their avatars, custom outfits, and V-Dance digital assets with the real world, creating a true blend of creativity and connection.

    second live use Various proprietary technologies to enhance the AR Globetrotter experience. These technologies include environment awareness for precise placement of virtual objects and realistic rendering for seamless visual integration with the real world. In addition, multimedia recording supports easy capture and sharing of AR experiences, allowing you to relive the moment at any time.

    “We’re seeing a rapid evolution in the way people interact with the digital space,” SecondLive marketing director Olivia G. told BSC News. SecondLive is proud to be part of this dynamic ecosystem and aims to push the boundaries of what is possible and create an innovative and inclusive metaverse with its AR integration. .

    A recent update allows you to open the mobile app and summon your avatar into the real world. Connect with digital and real-life friends wherever you are, or show off your dancing skills on an augmented reality stage against a real-world backdrop. Plus, capture the magical moments of your AR adventure with photos and videos to save all your unforgettable experiences.

    The cornerstone of the recent integration, according to the protocol, is about two years after SecondLive began developing innovative solutions around digital avatars and space using advanced augmented reality (XR) and spatial computing technologies. started before.

    Full production of the XR is still being tweaked to avoid rising hardware costs for end users, but last year’s virtual concert in collaboration with designer Miso gave a glimpse of its potential. SecondLive is now taking its first steps into spatial computing, introducing his XR capabilities to his mobile platform.

    Prior to this, SecondLive released an app for Android smartphones last November. Early adopters of the Android app had the opportunity to use their mobile phones to attend the 2Live with friends concert on November 27th. Additionally, in March of last year, SecondLive Metaverse also merged his Space ID’s .bnb domain.

    Learn more about SecondLive AR here.

    What is SecondLive:

    SecondLive is a “various 3D virtual space” where you become your ideal virtual avatar and perform various real-world activities such as virtual exhibitions, singing and dancing, shopping and business in various spaces. Users can use his SecondLive avatar to create unique content and profit from their creations.

    SecondLive Location:

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