Blockchain-backed metaverse launched for wine enthusiasts

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    Digital fine wine community Crurated has announced Metaverse, offering a more immersive experience for collectors of authentic wine and spirits.

    Metaverse, the first real asset of its kind backed by blockchain, will initially launch with a virtual cellar experience, allowing wine lovers to virtually browse their collections and create their own You will be able to show off your bottle to others.

    research analysis company global data defines the metaverse as “a virtual world in which users share experiences and interact in real-time within simulated scenarios.”

    All digital wine bottles owned by members of the Crurated community are certified by NFT. Crurated records the data of every real-world bottle on the blockchain, providing a complete timeline of its journey from the vineyard to those wishing to make a purchase in the digital realm.

    NFTs remain fully redeemable, so users can exchange virtual wine and send real-life bottles whenever they want.

    “We want to foster the passion of collectors and support them in ways that have never been done before. All of our technological developments are geared in that direction,” says Crurated founder, said Alfonso de Gaetano.

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    “Our Metaverse is the first step in providing collectors with an immersive and engaging experience that replaces wine lists on spreadsheets,” he added.

    Crurated has announced that users will be able to fill their wine cellars with the newly released Apple Vision Pro by the end of 2024. The digital wine company said this experience: apple's new headset will “feel intuitive and magical.”

    Metaverse is built on Unreal Engine 5, a hugely popular game development program owned by the makers of Fortnite. epic games.

    According to GlobalData's 2023 report: Thematic research: Metaversethe company predicts that the value of the Metaverse economy will increase from $48 billion in 2022 to $400 billion by 2030.


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