Bluesky Opens to Everyone; 1 Million New Users Join in 24Hrs

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    Bluesky added more than 1 million new users on Tuesday, February 6th by eliminating its invite-only system and allowing anyone to open an account.New Skies”, within 24 hours of announcement.

    The Jack Dorsey-backed decentralized social media network is one of the many apps considered an alternative to There are registrants.

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    Bluesky: Unstable start as user numbers increase

    According to publicly available information dataBluesky has a total of 4.1 million sign-ups at the time of writing, with the number of unique users doubling between February 5th and 6th, when the platform went public.

    Bluesky CEO Jay Graber said the platform “welcomed 550,000 new skiers” in the first 22 hours of its general launch. “[We are] We are testing every part of our infrastructure,” she said. I have written In a post on the app.

    However, the public rollout didn't go as smoothly as Bluesky suffered an outage that “put the network in read-only mode” for several hours. The company blamed the outage on increased user activity.

    “We are experiencing a large number of new sign-ups and some of our servers are reaching capacity.” Said the team said in a post to Bluesky.

    Despite early technical challenges, people have responded fairly positively to the new Bluesky, which is available to everyone. Others saw the public release as a chance to create a less toxic version of X.

    One user said, “My main complaint with the evolution of Twitter is its lack of practicality (sic).” Said At Blue Sky.

    “I used to use it for things like sports news, but it was really a source of safety news, abandoned lines, fire information, road closures, etc. Twitter has taken away its most important use, which is real connection in real time. I did.”

    Bluesky is open to everyone.1 million new users joined on the first day
    Screenshot of Bluesky's post.Source: Blue Sky

    What is Blue Sky?

    In 2019, Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey said: blue sky, an open source platform, which means anyone can modify it. Bluesky launched as an invite-only site in February 2023 after raising $13 million from investors including Dorsey.

    Blue Sky has built AT protocol,whatd is designed to give people more control over their data as well as allow them to move their profiles between different networks.

    According to those who have tested the site, Twitter users who enjoy the site's basic features such as posting, replying, and retweeting will find Bluesky to be a familiar and easy-to-use platform.

    Bluesky offers the added benefit of data portability, allowing users to easily move data from, for example, X or Mastodon to Bluesky. However, it lacks some of the features users have come to expect from X, such as direct messaging and list creation capabilities.

    Unlike the likes of Facebook and Instagram, which are controlled by one central authority, Bluesky is installed on thousands of computer servers and operated primarily by volunteer administrators and companies who combine the systems into a “federated network.” doing.

    keep up with the competition

    Although Bluesky's user base is rapidly increasing, it is still very small compared to more established competitors such as Threads and Mastodon. 130 million and 8.7 million Monthly active users, respectively. As for X, the number of monthly active users peaked in 2023 at over 528 million.

    By comparison, Bluesky has 1.6 million monthly active users (this number is different from the total sign-ups, which includes all users, including inactive users), according to Graeber. There were 25,000 custom feeds to choose from.

    At various times when Elon Musk caused trouble for X, people asked for invitations to join Bluesky in hopes of switching to a friendlier social media platform.

    Bluesky racked up 3 million sign-ups during its invite-only era, but some observers may think its failure to withdraw invitations was a missed opportunity to meaningfully challenge X's dominance. There are doubts as to whether it will be possible right now.

    Mr. Graeber, CEO of Blue Sky, said: Said The Verge said it took a long time to make the app available to the public because the company wanted to perfect certain moderation features and build a stable infrastructure.

    As MetaNews previously reported, Brusky was criticized last July for failing to crack down on racist groups. People complained about racial slurs included in the platform's registration handles and about the suppression of Black voices.

    Graber revealed that Bluesky plans to release another update later this month that will allow individual users or organizations to create their own content moderation services. Other users can also subscribe to these services.

    “For example, fact-checking organizations may operate labeling services and mark posts as 'partially false,' 'misleading,' or other categories,” Bluesky wrote. Blog post.

    “Users who trust this organization will then be able to subscribe to the label. As users scroll through the app, the labels published by the fact-checking organization will appear on the post itself.”

    As for the inevitable case that someone will build a potentially dangerous service on top of Bluesky, Graber said: tech crunch: “First of all, don't promote it. Don't send it to more eyes. And then you can disconnect it. Don't link there. Therefore, make it less discoverable. please.”


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