Buterin Examines Benefits And Drawbacks Of AI-Crypto Fusion

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    Vitalik Buterin examined the mechanisms of incorporating artificial intelligence into cryptocurrencies and outlined the opportunities and challenges.

    Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin details four ways in which cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence (AI) may overlap, lists some potential use cases, and discusses associated risks. did.

    in blog post In the paper, published on Tuesday, January 30th, the Ethereum co-founder explored the use of AI as an actor, as an interface, as the rules themselves, and as an end goal in itself.

    Additionally, Buterin pointed out that using AI as an actor within the protocol is the most viable option. He also pointed out that while there is great potential in using AI as an interface to protocols, it also comes with some risks.

    Buterin emphasized that applications that seek to provide a single, trusted, decentralized AI that other applications can rely on will have the most difficulty successfully integrating Bitcoin and AI.

    However, Buterin pointed out that the most difficult to use cryptocurrencies and AI properly are applications that seek to create a single, decentralized, trusted AI that other applications can rely on. .

    Vitalik Buterin explores AI in DeFi and gaming ecosystems

    Vitalik Buterin classified interactions between artificial intelligence into four different groups. Therefore, we briefly discuss the multifaceted dynamics.

    According to the Ethereum co-founder, the first category delves into AI as a player in games, thereby shedding light on its role in games. Decentralized finance (DeFi) Ecosystems such as exchanges and prediction markets.

    Additionally, the historical presence of AI arbitrage bots has been uncovered, suggesting market manipulation challenges.

    The report also scrutinizes AI as an interface to games and highlights the positive aspects of AI in helping users navigate the complexities of the crypto world. Additionally, the report specifically warns of the risks associated with adversarial machine learning attacks.

    Buterin is also accused of carefully considering security measures to protect users from threats and fraud.

    The third category refers to the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) as the rules of the game, where AI is embedded in a DAO or blockchain smart contract to provide arbitrary decisions. Vitalik Buterin acknowledges that despite the potential benefits of adversarial machine learning, there are significant obstacles. This raises the question of how easily open source AI models can be abused and manipulated.

    Additionally, this study does not hesitate to discuss the drawbacks of combining AI and cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, the paper also outlines the potential dangers of adversarial machine learning attacks. However, Buterin pointed out that malicious attackers could exploit weaknesses in his AI model and compromise the security and reliability of blockchain applications.

    He further said that any counterattack would require strong security protocols. Considering AI as the holy grail of gaming, Buterin explores the potential of decentralized AI outside the cryptocurrency domain in the last category.

    Buterin says AI can identify fake accounts

    According to Buterin, performance evaluations can include gathering information about prediction markets, identifying fraudulent accounts, and assessing data quality, all of which are related to open on-chain incentives. . He said these applications hold promise, both in terms of functionality and improving the safety of AI, in a way that avoids the risks of centralization associated with mainstream approaches to the problem.

    Buterin said relying directly on the AI ​​component of smart contracts and protocols is riskier. This is because the integrity of the model cannot be proven and there are loopholes for attackers.

    By weighing the pros and cons, the Ethereum co-founder hopes his concept will help users carefully consider how to innovate at the convergence of two important industries. I am claiming.


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