BYD Launches “BYD WORLD”, An Interactive Virtual Dealership At Metaverse In Chile

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    Today, BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, and Meetkai, a leading conversational AI and metaverse company, launch BYD World, a virtual and interactive dealership that offers customers an immersive dialogue of the future. announced. car shopping experience. It sells BYD and its products in the United States and around the world. “BYD World” launches today in Chile and will be available in all Latin American countries in the coming weeks.

    BYD Company Limited Executive Vice President Stella Lee said: “At BYD, we are always looking for unique and innovative ways to reach the end consumer, and we believe the Metaverse will drive auto sales and consumer engagement. It’s the next frontier for BYD America.” . “Technology innovation is part of our brand identity and we are excited to partner with Meetkai to give our customers new, more personalized opportunities to interact with our products in a convenient and easily accessible environment. I’m more than excited.” That. “

    Leveraging Meetkai’s advanced AI and spatial computing technology, the “BYD World” platform seamlessly blends the digital and physical worlds to deliver a one-of-a-kind immersive brand experience.

    “Meitkai is excited to partner with BYD to introduce a new blueprint for the future of automotive retail and web user experience,” said James Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of Meetkai. . “As a company, we remain committed to our goal of actively removing barriers to entry into the metaverse and creating new opportunities for greater connectivity and engagement.”

    Upon entering the virtual dealership, accessible from any device with a web browser, users are free to explore a comprehensive digital showroom that includes realistic 360-degree renderings of BYD’s range of new energy vehicles. Users can configure, customize and operate BYD products in great detail, as well as access comprehensive information on each model.

    Additionally, the integration of Meetkai’s advanced XR technology allows BYD customers to participate in virtual test drives that mirror the physical driving experience of these high-performance models. There is also an AI-powered Virtual Advisor that provides personalized guidance and support during an in-depth customer journey.

    “We are pioneering the next generation of immersive, conversational web experiences that truly resemble the real world in virtual spaces. We are doing this with another disruptor in the industry, BYD. This is just the beginning of the preparations for leveraging generative AI across the industry,” said WeiLi Dai, co-founder and CEO of Meetkai. “Meetkai is proud to deliver on the promise of the Metaverse by creating unique experiences that bring true utility to the digital realm. This has always been our vision.”

    Bydo launched "Bydo World"an interactive virtual dealer in the Chilean metaverse


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