CamFest Speaker Spotlight: Matteo Zallio

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    Matteo Zallio is an award-winning designer and researcher dedicated to promoting accessibility and inclusivity in emerging technologies. He is the founder of the Metabesics Institute, a senior research fellow at Autodesk, and an assistant professor at the University of Cambridge.he speaks at Metaverse: Pros and Cons We conducted joint research with Shannon Pearson of the University of Cambridge and Cambridge consultant Michelle Lim. The Cambridge 105 technology journalist and presenter will be chaired by Julian Clover. twenty twon.d. March – 6-7 p.m. [online].

    Run the Metaverse portal. Credit: Andriy Onufriyenko, Getty Images

    Run the Metaverse portal. Credit: Andriy Onufriyenko, Getty Images

    What is the Metaverse?
    One of the most commonly recognized descriptions of the metaverse refers to a digital virtual space consisting of interconnected, immersive 3D experiences in which users, represented by avatars, can interact, work, and interact with digital environments. Masu.

    What can it be used for?
    The Metaverse has potential applications in a variety of fields, including socializing, work collaboration, gaming, education, and entertainment, providing immersive and interactive experiences that go beyond traditional digital platforms.

    How close to reality is that?
    The Metaverse is rapidly evolving, and significant developments are already underway. Various companies are investing heavily in creating immersive digital environments, and analysts predict widespread adoption in the coming years.

    What are the main benefits?
    Potential benefits include improved sociability, new opportunities for collaboration at work, innovative gaming experiences, immersive education, and new forms of entertainment. The metaverse also has the potential to foster creativity and diverse interactions.

    What are the main drawbacks?
    Challenges include ethical and security concerns, potential privacy issues, the risk of a toxic digital environment, and the need for clear ethical guidelines. Ensuring accessibility, diversity, and inclusion are also important issues.

    Who may be excluded?
    Individuals who face barriers to digital access, technology literacy, or come from marginalized communities are at risk of exclusion. Ensuring inclusivity requires addressing these barriers and considering the needs of diverse users.

    What are you doing to be more inclusive?
    Our research focuses on Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Safety in the Metaverse (IDEAS). We are investigating ethical aspects, sociological aspects, and philosophical implications to inform the design and development of a more comprehensive metaverse. We have groundbreaking assessment tools backed by scientific research that help organizations ethically develop safer, more inclusive content for release to market.


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