Can The Metaverse Alleviate Overloaded Judicial System?

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    The judicial systems of various countries are going through difficult times, largely due to the odd ratio of judges to thousands of cases. Some take days, months, or even years. If you want to make your life easier with technological advances, it’s imperative to see if the Metaverse can help solve your problem while adding perks to your court attendants.

    better than video conferencing

    Recently, a Colombian court unfolded its first legal metaverse case involving a traffic dispute. A judge who saw the incident told Reuters it was a great experience for her, she said in her video calls, people usually turned off the cameras and had no idea what was going on. added.

    A Columbia University professor told Reuters that judges across the country are now trying to ease the overloaded system. Metaverse can help, but it can’t solve your problem because it lacks the necessary hardware. Neither the judicial system nor citizens have proper access to virtual space.

    Governments can make plans to leverage this technology to bring about justice, but given it will go mainstream in the next few years. and provide citizens with a different perspective on the country.

    The Metaverse could allow the system to trial highly dangerous criminals without ever letting them out of their cells. It also reduces travel costs for people who need to attend hearings in another state. Virtual spaces eliminate clinical trial security concerns. There is always the possibility of a fearless criminal sitting among the participants with the intention of harming a person.

    The digital world floats on a technology bed made up of blockchain, smart contracts, VR/AR, and more. This allows the judicial system to protect data and reduce fines. Smart contracts simply go through all the documentation processes upon payment of fees, eliminating time consuming for both courts and individuals.

    Nonetheless, this sounds like a fairy tale. It’s another world with endless possibilities. We lack the technology to realize such concepts. Companies like Meta have shipped millions of VR headsets around the world, but not enough for the Metaverse to go mainstream among people.

    Today we are already accessing the metaverse, but not the way it should be. Smartphones, TV screens, and game consoles allow us to delve into virtual worlds, and technologies such as AR/VR/XR will make this experience even more immersive in the future.


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