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    Cannes Lions has announced that a total of €267,065 in participation fees for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Lions 2023 has been donated to seven Lions winning charities, including a donation made in memory of Dan Wieden. . caldera artsan arts and environmental charity he founded with his family.

    Launched in 2018 in partnership with the United Nations, SDG Lions celebrates creative work that actively helps advance the goals. Each of the Lions Award winning nonprofits actively supports these ambitions, and donations made through award entries go towards supporting important projects around the world. This is part of the festival's ongoing efforts to promote action on sustainability.

    Since 2015, Cannes Lions has donated more than €2 million between the SDG Lions Prize and the Glass: The Lion for Change Prize.
    Simon Cooke, Lions CEOSaid, “These Lions Award-winning nonprofits include two climate change charities, as well as organizations working to reduce inequality, hunger, health and well-being, peace, justice, and strong institutions. and demonstrate the power of creativity to drive its work. Significant action towards achieving the Global Goals. We hope your donation will make a tangible and lasting difference. , we are pleased to recognize Dan Weyden’s commitment to youth through Caldera Arts with a special gift in his memory.”

    Six charities each received a donation of €43,175.51, with a seventh charity receiving a donation of €8,011.95 in memory of Dan Weiden.

    caldera artsfounded by Dan Wieden and his family as an immersive arts and environment program designed to connect underprivileged young people with talented creative professionals to create art in a relationship with nature. I did.

    Kimberly Howard Wade, Caldera Arts Executive DirectorSaid: “Caldera is honored to receive such international support in memory of our founder Dan Wieden. Dan poured his creative energy and heart into building Caldera. In the same way, we believe that if young people have access to an explosive burst of creativity, they can change their world, and the world at large.”

    Unseen BritainThe company, which won the Bronze Lion Award for its 'Ukraine Welcome Text' by BBD Perfect Storm in London, aims to transform society's response to modern slavery, providing safe houses and support to survivors. and operates the UK Modern Slavery and Exploitation Helpline. Andrew Wallis OBE, CEO of Unseen UKSaid: “Unseen is delighted to have won this award. This funding will help us strengthen our support for survivors of modern slavery, creating a helpline for thousands of people caught up in exploitation. We guarantee that we are always open.”

    ron finley projectis based in South Central Los Angeles and provides access to healthy food options in areas where access is very limited or non-existent. Awarded a Bronze SDG Lion at BBDO Los Angeles' “The People's Treasury.” Ron Finley, Founder of the Ron Finley Projectcommented: “Receiving the Lion Award is an unimaginable honor. This award encourages everyone to participate in the healing of this amazing, wonderful, magical planet we are privileged to live on.” Ron Finley – It will be a global declaration of the project. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to show others the value of seeds and seeds themselves.”

    solar impulse foundation, addressing sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth. Bertrand Piccard and the Foundation identified more than 1,000 clean and profitable solutions and were also awarded a Gold SDG Lion at “Solar Impulse – Prêt à Voter” by Publicis Conseil in Paris. Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse FoundationSaid: “Today, the success of ecological transitions depends less on the development of new technologies and more on creating an environment that fosters the adoption of existing solutions. In that sense, the impact of this award cannot be overstated. This recognizes the urgent need to modernize the legislative and regulatory framework to bring environmentally sustainable technologies to market.”

    SFBO (French-Brazilian Society of Oncology)an association of French and Brazilian cancer researchers representing all specialties and the entire European scientific community, including surgical oncology, clinical oncology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine, and the SDGs of Dogs Without Borders by VMLY&R in New York He is also a Lion Gold Award Winner. Carla Ismael, SFBO Presidentcommented: “Making the world a more democratic place includes the right to access health care, and SFBO has this mission. Similarly, we help vulnerable dogs and help them help countless others. of human lives. The project started in the city of Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Your donation will enable us to expand the project.”

    As a new media project, ukrainian witnessWinner of the SDG Lion Bronze Award for “WikiTruth'' by Publicis Groupe Benelux in Amsterdam, which aims to tell, capture and remember real stories from the Ukrainian perspective and show the world the reality of war. Olga Buznova, Ukraine Chief WitnessSaid: “We are grateful for your donation to Cannes Lions. This win will be used to continue to fund Cannes Lions as it grows and to support new forms of content, including the production of a documentary on the Russo-Ukrainian war. It will be invested.”

    Tuvalu government, won a Silver SDG Lion for The Monkees' 'The First Digital Nation', part of Sydney's Accenture Songs. Tuvalu is an independent island nation located in the South Pacific within the British Commonwealth of Nations. The nine islands are made up of small, sparsely populated atolls and coral islands that are under threat from climate change. Government of Tuvalu, Hon Simon Kofe (Member of Parliament)Said: “On behalf of the Government of Tuvalu and the great people of Tuvalu, I would like to note how deeply grateful we are for the donation made by Cannes Lions to the Government of Tuvalu. As a progressive nation, we are committed to ensuring that Tuvalu We are resilient and excited about the opportunities that exist in the Metaverse, but not to the point of losing territory. Tuvalu will be the first country in the world to exist exclusively within the Metaverse, but as global warming continues unchecked, If you keep going, it won’t be your last.”

    Entries for the 2024 Cannes Lions open on January 18th. For more information about the SDGs and all other Lions, please visit:

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