Canon Offers Guide To Remove Wi-Fi Settings On Printers

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    At a time when digital security has become a major concern, renowned technology company Canon has issued an important warning to users of its printers. It turns out that the Wi-Fi settings are so sensitive that the traditional reset process doesn’t remove them. But don’t panic. The company has provided a detailed solution to this problem, and we’ll cover it all here.

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    Things that won’t go away after a reboot

    Many users assume that: Factory reset All personal data will be removed from the device. However, Canon clarified that this is not the case with its printers. The configuration of Wifi This includes password and other sensitive data remain in the printer’s memory.

    Risk of not clearing settings

    If this information falls into the wrong hands, it may become accessible to malicious attackers. red I have a Canon printer here. This emphasizes the importance of treating even seemingly mundane devices with safety precautions. Information security.

    Steps to delete Wi-Fi settings

    Detailed instructions

    Canon did not bury its customers in the dark. The company provides specific instructions for manually clearing Wi-Fi settings in most cases. 200 models affected. These steps vary by printer type (affected models can be found on Canon’s website).

    Here are the steps to follow:

    • Reset all settings (Reset Settings -> Reset All)
    • enable wifi
    • Reset all settings again

    For models without the ability to reset all settings, follow these steps:

    • Reset LAN settings
    • enable wifi
    • Reset LAN settings again

    This incident not only highlights the need to pay attention to the security of the devices we use every day, but also the responsibility of technology companies to ensure that the reboot process is robust enough. Canon’s proactive approach in this regard is a positive example of how companies can and should protect consumer privacy.


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