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    Resident Evil 4 is getting a VR remake

    Capcom has been one of the leading names in the video game industry since 1979. They have entered the gaming market and have become one of the most famous video games. From the first arcade he machine games to VR games, Capcom has found success in all areas where technology puts it in front of you.

    Resident Evil franchise

    Resident Evil 4 is getting a VR remake
    Resident Evil 4 is getting a VR remake

    The Resident Evil franchise has 17 titles, with the final title due out later this year. The first sequel He came out in 1993. After that, Resident Evil was for the PlayStation One console and Sega Saturn. From 1993 to 2021. The sequel to Resident Evil followed the popular game console launch. In addition to game consoles, Resident Evil has become a TV series, which began airing this year.

    Since this is a Capcom-made game, true fans will remember that the Resident Evil series got a slot (pun intended) in the igaming universe. Their slots his machines have familiar names such as Ada, Chris, Jake, Leon, Those slot games are still available onlineso unless you’re looking to try the Japanese pachinko version, you don’t have to go to Las Vegas to try it out.

    Resident Evil 4 VR Remake

    A remake of this game will be released on Facebook oculus quest 2 headset. We don’t know many details, but according to the trailer, this will be an exciting addition to the franchise with its own style enhanced with VR possibilities. Become. This remake will focus on crafting weapons and discovering the environment your character is in.

    The levels and animations in the remake are those of the original sequel. It is improved by adding layers of textures, tints and lights to make it feel more natural for players walking around. Room-scale environments and locomotion options such as teleportation are new to the game. Players must physically gram weapons and items and equip a variety of weapons. It takes a while for players to figure out his VR world of Resident Evil. Once you’ve learned how to function and move around in-game, it can be interesting to play in a different way.

    Players will be in their favorite level to select and keep the best weapons in the game. This game isn’t his first VR game made by Capcom.can also play resident evil 7 Using PlayStation VR. Considered one of the best horror games ever to come out, his VR in this sequel further enhanced the game’s terrifying moments. As his one of the best horror games “made real”, it’s an adrenaline riser. Hunting for the Markerite in the dark is one of the scariest moments of him in Sequel 7.

    If you love the Resident Evil franchise, these famous levels in the new format will remind you why you love this game. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the end of the year to play exclusively on Facebook Oculus Quest 2. Facebook has revealed that almost all games on the new Oculus version will be playable on the previous version. Some premium manufacturers only allow one console selection. Capcom has yet again created something worth waiting for over the past few months.


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