Capturing Reality for Digital Transformation of the Hospitality Industry

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    Immerse yourself in an immersive exploration of the transformative power of reality capture data and artifacts in the hospitality industry within the metaverse. In this virtual session, learn about the critical role cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning, photogrammetry, and virtual reality play in revolutionizing the guest experience, improving operational efficiency, and driving business success in the Metaverse. I will explain in detail. Combining reality capture data with AI capabilities, hotels, resorts and event venues can create engaging virtual tours, streamline design and renovation processes, optimize space management, and deliver personalized experiences within the metaverse. Find out how to do it. From immersive digital walkthroughs to accurate floor plans and virtual staging, how harnessing the power of reality capture and AI will propel your hospitality business into the future, delight guests, and drive new growth within the metaverse. Learn how you can open up opportunities for


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