Carl Cox to perfrom in the metaverse with free show

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    DJ and producer Carl Cox will make his Metaverse debut with a virtual performance at Sensorium Galaxy. The show promises to be “another step into the realm of digital performance.”

    A special 30-minute showcase named Intermundium ((referring to the space between worlds and dimensions) will feature tracks written, produced and performed by Cox himself. Fans around the world will be able to access this experience for free.

    Sensorium Galaxy is an evolving metaverse of diverse virtual worlds. Cox’s show will be held at PRISM, Sensorium Galaxy’s dedicated hub for electronic music. Here, both real and virtual DJ avatars provide continuous musical activity.

    The performance will utilize visual sensations that cannot be obtained in the real world. Cox controls environments with music, including erupting volcanic flows and futuristic structures, engages with virtual inhabitants, and presents guests with an “endless dance.”

    Cox said in a statement: When I saw my avatar for the first time, I literally did a double take as I really understood what was possible! I thought, “This has become real, or should I say virtual reality?” It’s really interesting to see things develop to the point where I can share my experiences with like-minded people anywhere on the planet or beyond. ”

    The show is scheduled to premiere on Friday, October 27th at 7pm GMT. Access is free and available on multiple platforms. Sensorium Galaxy website (2D stream), YouTube (2D stream), app store and google play App (2D stream), Steam (full-fledged VR).

    Immersive VR-360 version intermundium It will be available for one month on the PICO store. Additionally, it will be broadcast on Sensorium’s TikTok Live (2D stream) in conjunction with the premiere.

    Find out more at Sensorium.

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