Casio Signals Metaverse Entry with USPTO Trademark Application for NFT Digital Assets

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    Casio Electronics has announced plans to expand into the Metaverse after filing a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Well-known watchmakers are looking to NFT watches and virtual goods to expand the digital frontier.

    Street coin geek, the Japanese electronics manufacturing company is currently focusing on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be used in the Metaverse. USPTO-certified attorney Mike Kondudis was the first to reveal that Casio has filed for a trademark that will allow it to launch various digital products in virtual worlds.

    Casio plans to soon release NFT watches, clothing, fashion accessories for avatars, and digitally-activatable animation packages, according to the filing. Additionally, the Japan-based G-Shock watch maker hinted that it might create music, images, audio and video for AR and augmented reality, as well as general items.

    Part of Casio’s application states that it “provides virtual clothing, hairstyles, fashion accessories, and animation packages for avatars that cannot be downloaded online, all of which are intended to be used in an online virtual environment for entertainment purposes. It is written that

    “Casio is coming to the Metaverse with NFTs and virtual goods,” Kondudis said in an online post. The company has filed trademark applications covering Virtul Clothing + Watches, NFT-enabled media, AI-powered robots, virtual goods stores, and more. ”

    The trademark filing has been confirmed, but Casio has yet to announce when it will release the first batch of NFTs or digital collectibles. Some experts expected the company to announce its first price cut next year.

    Casio It has been submitted We have trademark filings for NFTs and other merchandise in the virtual realm, and may offer retail and wholesale services for digital collectibles. Additionally, its entry into the NFT and Metaverse businesses will enable the company to offer its customers an immersive and interactive experience.

    Photo courtesy: Olga Naida/unsplash


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