Casio Takes Its G-Shock Watch Brand to the Metaverse with Polygon NFTs

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    • Casio has partnered with Polygon to launch digital wearables under its G-Shock watch brand.
    • The Japanese electronics company will allow NFT owners to create virtual G-Shock watches in the metaverse.
    • Casio will start rolling out NFTs to users with Casio IDs from September 23rd to 26th, followed by general rollout from September 26th to 29th.

    Casio has partnered with Polygon Labs to bring its popular G-Shock watch brand to the blockchain. Japanese electronics giant collaborates with layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution to build a “co-creator community” in the metaverse.

    To kick off the Web3 campaign, Casio will be handing out 15,000 free-to-mint G-Shock Creator Pass NFTs. Used by the owner to access the program’s newly created Discord channel. They will then enter a co-creation competition where they will be allowed to design different versions of the G-Shock NFT.

    According to the announcement, Casio plans to deploy NFTs through the company. website It will be open to users with a Casio ID from September 23rd to 26th, and then to the general public from September 26th to 29th.

    Regarding this announcement, O Takahashi, Senior General Manager of Casio Computer Division, said: “In recent years, with the spread of the distributed Internet called Web3, the demand for virtual space experiences has increased. We have launched this initiative to further expand the

    According to Oh, the G-Shock watch brand has shipped more than 100 million units since 1983. Casio wants to introduce its popular watch brand to the metaverse and interactive online world for use as wearable watches.

    The company has partnered with Polygon Labs to create a “co-creation community” to work with Casio to develop virtual wearables.

    “The co-creation of the virtual G-Shock project aims to increase the presence of the G-Shock brand in the virtual and Web3 worlds,” said Oh. told decryption. “And to foster a culture of wearing watches in virtual worlds.”

    Oh would like to see a Metaverse where his digital avatar wears a sporty watch from his company’s iconic brand.

    “In order to realize this world, I would like to cultivate virtual fans through co-creation projects and increase the number of friends who will work together to create the future that virtual G-SHOCK aims for.”


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