Casio to Release Metaverse-Based Virtual Ride Through the World of G-SHOCK Durability Testing

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    A new G-SHOCK THE RIDE experience is now available as Casio's second VRChat-based content

    Tokyo, December 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the release of G-SHOCK THE RIDE, a virtual attraction that lets you experience what it's like to participate in an endurance test. This watch is shock resistant. The amusement park-like virtual ride can be accessed on the social virtual reality platform VRChat.

    in October 2023, Casio has opened a virtual G-SHOCK STORE on VRChat, offering metaverse-based content that allows visitors to customize their G-SHOCK and see what it looks like wearing a watch created by a VRChat avatar. provided. We aimed to create a space that would be a point of contact between the G-SHOCK brand and new users.

    Casio is releasing “G-SHOCK THE RIDE,” a ride-type attraction that allows users to experience a simulated future G-SHOCK endurance test, as the second content utilizing VRChat.

    “G-SHOCK THE RIDE” is based on the G-SHOCK durability test that was actually conducted at Hamura Research Institute, the watch development base, and has a story that imagines the future of durability testing beyond that. This is a great work. This is an attraction where you can ride a G-SHOCK with an avatar as if you were riding on an amusement park ride, and enjoy an immersive experience that goes beyond the fantastical reality that can only be experienced in a virtual reality space. In addition to “G-SHOCK THE RIDE,” which can be enjoyed like a game, the brand has conducted rigorous durability tests to create a space that realistically expresses the world of G-SHOCK, such as achieving unparalleled toughness as a watch. This is an attraction provided. .


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