CEEK Metaverse Team Up With CeeLo Green And Jack Splash For New Collab ‘Pink’

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    seek Metaverse has just teamed up with legendary artist CeeLo Green and multi-Grammy-winning and acclaimed music producer Jack Splash in their collaborative project THE PINK, due out later this year.

    Cee-Lo + Jack Splash + CEEK has just released their new single “Serious” and their new music video will debut on July 7th. Special behind-the-scenes features are available in the CEEK VR App.
    CeeLo said: “Only me and appointed artists like Jack Splash have the foresight to look into the future, take something out of it, and turn it into something concrete. , a means of proving, teaching, retraining thought, and broadening the scope of society, so that we perceive our reflections as purpose in real time rather than as a delayed reaction. It’s about driving us all to the point of reality in our quest for happiness.Despite all adversity and fight evenly against an enemy of ingenuity!CEEK VR is the battleship that will help you win this war of words!” Miami Filmed at , CeeLo and Jack Splash make their CEEK metaverse debut with the single “Serious” with an animated video. Users joining via the CEEK app will have an immersive experience with other fans and the chance to interact with her CeeLo and her Jack Splash in real-time in the CEEK metaverse. The experience is accessible on mobile, tablet, and browser with or without a VR headset.

    CEEK Founder and CEO Mary Spio said: “We are excited to bring CeeLo and Jack Splash together with existing and new fans in this truly exciting and unique way. The CEEK Metaverse Virtual Hangout is the future of interaction and community building for creators and fans alike. says Jack Splash. “Everything CeeLo and I do has at least one eye on the future. , thought it would be fun to keep this alive in the metaverse… not only for now, but for future generations.Partnering with CEEK and exploring their virtual worlds is exciting for us. There is no specific place or time for real art, it is always for everyone.”


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