CES: DisplayLink unveils their latest untethered VR solution

    Published on:

    DisplayLink, a manufacturer of graphics products including wireless VR solutions, has announced that it will showcase its latest multi-user wireless VR solutions at CES 2018.

    The technology demo features the virtual racquetball game Racket: Nx, placing participants in a mixed reality arena boasting complete freedom of movement in a cable-free environment. Spectators can watch the competition in real time in mixed reality.

    “VR opens up so many new opportunities for businesses, enterprises and games. John Cummins, senior vice president of sales and marketing at DisplayLink, said:

    Wireless VR technology is especially important for developers to create immersive experiences involving multiple concurrent users.

    “DisplayLink continues to push the boundaries of immersive solutions, and this demonstration demonstrates the great benefits of collaborating, whether designing new workspaces, engaging customers in product visions, or exploring virtual worlds with friends. are emphasizing.” Cummins explained.

    “VR is about to become more immersive, unrestrained and accident-free than ever before.” he concluded.


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