ChatGPT: this was the first virtual audience in the metaverse

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    first time Columbia The Administrative Court held judicial hearings in the Metaverse. Magdalena Administrative Court Office 01Approved the holding of historic hearings in virtual worlds.

    Introduced by the moderator Maria Victoria Quinones Held through the podium at 9:00 am on February 15 this year Meta Platforms Inc. To achieve this, people virtual reality glasses Some others, who do not have this resource, used a computer to connect.

    “The use of this type of immersive technology aims to make current procedural trends effective. It allows the existence of the same virtual space without disregarding the principles of assurance and digital justice,” said Judge Quiñones.

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    At the hearing, several people gathered to interact via avatars in connection with a case involving the National Police and the Ministry of Defense. However, some were able to use the free app to connect with their audience. horizon workroom.

    again, chat GPT, The court looked at the mechanism to verify the authenticity of the participants. The AI’s response was to request a username and password combination.

    It allows you to take advantage of codes sent in text messages, verify your identity through personal documents, request digital signatures, use facial and voice recognition, and more.

    In the video, we saw that there was a large room in the place, with the Magistrate at the head of the place, and a recreated judicial platform with the plaintiffs appearing on the right and the defendants on the left. We also had a representative. lawyer.

    Then the big screen showed a person who didn’t have an avatar and appeared to be making a video call, as done in the previous application. zoomThis is another resource used by the hearing to carry out each case.

    Each person in this metaverse could interfere with their respective avatar, and the stage camera was aimed at the user speaking.something similar to what happens in Video gamewith the advent of virtual reality.

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    The Metaverse is a virtual world that users connect to through virtual reality glasses and other accessories.

    he metaverse that is Virtual worldusers connect using a series of devices to trick them into believing they are actually inside it and interact with all its elements. It seems that

    People can create characters and avatars and start living in a fully digital world. However, the Metaverse isn’t meant to be a fantasy world, it’s a kind of alternate reality that allows you to do the same things that happen outside your home today.

    Meta hopes that the Metaverse can offer as many opportunities as the real world, and potentially create their own businesses within it. It also enables practical applications such as work meetings where everyone shares a connected virtual office from home.

    Furthermore, they also intend that the Metaverse will have its own economy, some kind of virtual currency that can be purchased with real money or earned in some way within the interactions it offers. I’m here.


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