Chinese Micro-Series Storm the US & EU Markets, Thanks to AI

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    The art of storytelling is changing, with Chinese studios leveraging AI to create short-form dramas that are gaining popularity and repackaged for global markets, especially the US and Europe.

    New digital technologies being used in the online world are giving creators the ability to quickly take advantage of bite-sized episodic programming known as microseries.

    These products are extremely popular all over the world, and are steadily gaining fans, especially in America and Europe. reel shortone of the platforms that hosts short dramas. topped the entertainment charts It surpassed TikTok and other apps for the first time last month. apple shop.

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    Fast-paced storyline

    Overview and Addictive short series Usually with unexpected twists and turns. One of her storylines may depict a woman “pursuing romantic passion with a kind-hearted man, only to discover that he is a vengeful family enemy.”

    Another piece might depict a woman feeling stuck in her marriage due to her man's “failures,” but everyone is shocked when it is revealed that he has a hidden business empire. I will receive it.

    The dramas are short, fast-paced, and addictive for fans who prefer shows optimized for digital devices.

    One microseries fan said, “It's an old routine, but I'm really into it.''

    “I was embarrassed by the plot, but I really want to see the next episode,” another admitted.

    A microseries typically consists of “dozens of episodes.” Each episode is approximately 2 minutes long and covers a variety of themes, from thrilling drama to thrilling suspense.

    In some cases, the series includes over 50 episodes of pocket-sized programming, keeping viewers from markets around the world glued to their seats as they follow the twists and turns of the storyline.

    change point

    Although there are these short dramas, gain loyal fans Outside of China, the actors are “not real at all.” Most of the videos in the microseries are made with real performers, but creators can use AI to manipulate the actors' ethnicity, age, and general appearance, according to the Post article.

    The article goes on to say that while some popular microseries featured what appeared to be European settings and European actors, sources cited in the article said that this was produced in China and featured Chinese actors. It is said that the person appeared.

    This comes amid concerns over image manipulation and face swapping, which experts cited in the article say could challenge the dominance of Hollywood and Netflix.

    Ye Jingfei, a visual engineer working in the micro-series industry, highlighted the complexity of converting a series from Chinese to English.

    The first step is to use AI translation software to replace subtitles and dubbing. The next step is to introduce AI face-swapping software to adjust the characters to resemble Western actors. This allows you to manipulate skin tone, age, and ethnicity.

    margins and ethics

    While the practice has gained attention among Chinese studios, it has also raised ethical concerns about the use of AI in the film industry.

    However, Jingfei spoke about the cost-effectiveness of using AI in microseries works. However, this method has its own challenges.

    “Although these AI-assisted productions do not have the subtlety of locally produced shows, their viral style of editing and low production costs make them easy to replicate,” Jingfei said.

    “Currently, filming a microseries with actors overseas can cost upwards of $150,000. In contrast, AI-assisted production can be done for around $100,000.”

    According to Micro Series producers, the plan is also aimed at increasing sales in overseas markets.

    The first episode is free, but later episodes are available for a fee. The Shenzhen-based producer has shown that this microseries model is highly profitable, with studios investing hundreds of thousands of dollars reaping profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    “Most series won't sell. It doesn't matter. We just need the ones that hit the charts. Then it will be a money-printing machine for us,” said a producer who prefers anonymity. Ta.

    “With the help of AI, profit margins and sales can increase significantly.”


    However, Jingfei added that this procedure has limitations, such as requiring manual modifications and synchronization. Additionally, the quality of AI-generated content may vary.

    Success stories of web novels such as “Coiling Dragon”, another popular Chinese micro-series, are bringing a new wave of exotic film productions and competition. Netflix And Hollywood.

    “It's not award-winning, but if you want some fun trash, this is the place.” TikTok user.

    Jingfei also claims that the series offers a new genre. Beyond traditional media A platform from a creativity perspective.


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