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    We are all on the same page in that cryptocurrencies are not just for investment and savings. As envisioned from the beginning, it is rapidly evolving into an essential currency for everyday spending, putting every consumer-level purchase within reach. What could be more mainstream than buying gift cards in this regard?

    This appeal has grown even more in recent years, as gift cards can be used to buy just about anything you can think of, including pizza from Domino’s Pizza, reservations for rides, and purchases from your favorite online stores like IKEA.

    In this article, we have compiled a list of websites that offer the opportunity to buy (and in some cases sell) gift cards with cryptocurrency. Read on to find out more!

    Top 5 websites where you can buy gift cards with cryptocurrency

    1. Bit refill

    Bitrefill is the largest gift card marketplace on the internet, with over 100 brands and a wide variety of products. They primarily cater to the global market and offer gift cards from major companies such as Amazon, Google Play, Walmart, Apple, and Steam.

    As a Swedish company, Bitrefill operates within EU law and guarantees the protection of user data. Robust 128-bit SSL encryption protects your sensitive financial data, making all transactions irreversible and increasing overall security.

    Another notable feature is Bitrefill cashback. You can earn up to 10% cashback on select products. For example, Netflix offers 1% cashback.

    According to Crunchbase, Bitrefill has attracted eight investors so far., secured $9.4 million in funding overall, including major companies such as Tether. This speaks volumes about the company’s potential in the digital asset space.

    Strong Points

    • easy to use
    • Over 5000 gift cards available
    • Serving 186 countries
    • No KYC requirements


    • No BCH support
    • There is no clear fee structure

    2.Coin Gate

    This Lithuania-based cryptocurrency company is primarily a payment gateway, but it also has a very popular gift card store offering products from over 1,000 brands. Coingate’s collection of stores includes prominent brands from over 70 countries around the world, making it a highly localized service.

    The company has helped bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. Currently, they support 50 cryptocurrencies, each of which can be easily exchanged for fiat currency. In 2022, Coingate partners with Binance To bring our gift card store to the broader cryptocurrency community. This partnership will allow end users to buy and sell gift cards using any cryptocurrency available on Binance Wallet.

    One of the things we like most about Coingate is its incredibly low transaction fees. For example, if he sends ETH to Arbitrum via Coingate, it will cost only $0.05 per transaction. The average transaction fee on most gateways is $0.8039. Payments are processed easily and without any problems. However, we do not recommend withdrawing fiat through Coingate due to higher costs. Instead, it is most economical to choose cryptocurrency withdrawals.

    Strong Points

    • Accepts all major cryptocurrencies
    • Payment can be made using the Lightning Network
    • Buying and sending gift cards made easy
    • Support your business (B2B)


    • Cryptocurrency deposits are not supported
    • no wallet

    3. Coinsby

    Coinsbee is a relatively new crypto gift card store that is quickly establishing itself. The company started operations in Germany in his 2019 year. Today, we offer over 2,500 brands, over 100,000 products, and operate in over 165 countries around the world.

    One of their notable partnerships is with Vaultoro, the world’s first gold-backed cryptocurrency exchange, which allows users to conveniently buy gold with bitcoin.

    Alongside popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the platform boasts the broadest crypto support of any similar service. It also supports Monero, which is a great option for anonymous payments.

    Additionally, Coinsbee effectively works with a number of globally recognized e-commerce portals, brands, video games, and credit card providers. For example: Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, Uber, NIKE, WOW, PUBG, Visa, Mastercard.

    Strong Points

    • Supports over 100 cryptocurrencies
    • Fast, easy and reliable
    • BCH support
    • No KYC information required


    • Google Play gift codes don’t always work

    4. Paxful

    Many people don’t know that Paxful started in 2015 as a payment processing platform for brick-and-mortar businesses. It has since been rebranded for Bitcoin and crypto markets.

    In essence, Paxful is an ideal crypto exchange platform for users who want to trade with each other. She offers three cryptocurrencies for trading: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. It also includes a dedicated gift card platform, offering over 100 gift cards in 11 categories.

    There are no fees for purchasing cryptocurrencies. However, the seller may incur a fee depending on the chosen payment method, and usually he varies between 0.5 and 1 percent. Payments with gift cards have slightly higher transaction costs, ranging from 3-5%.

    Strong Points

    • P2P platform for cryptocurrency trading
    • No fees for purchasing cryptocurrencies
    • Wide choice of payment methods
    • Escrow system for safety


    • Small Cryptocurrency Selection
    • fraud risk

    5. e-gifter

    5. e-gifter

    egifter is the oldest platform for purchasing gift cards with cryptocurrencies. It has been in operation since 2011 and is known for its solid reputation. Choose from a variety of gift cards from over 300 retailers and earn rewards through the web or mobile application.

    egifter provides access to popular brands such as AMC Theatres, Target, Domino, Lowe’s, Uber, and The Home Depot, but Amazon is noticeably absent. Nevertheless, the list of supported business categories that can be purchased ranges from travel experiences to charities, spas, hotels, and even casinos. Indeed, on the slot floor, you will not come across anything. Games developed on blockchainThis fits perfectly into this topic, but it’s more of a hands-on experience.

    In our experience, egifter stands out as the most convenient option for bulk purchases and group gift shipping. Unlike the other platforms mentioned here, egifter allows you to purchase gifts for as much as you want. This prevents unnecessary cents from being deducted on purchases and is especially beneficial when dealing with large quantities of gift cards.

    Although it doesn’t offer as many payment options as other platforms on this list, credit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies are all conveniently accepted.

    Strong Points

    • Easy to use app
    • High flexibility (customize, exchange, send bulk gifts, etc.)
    • reliable service


    • There are very few customer-specific discounts.


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