Community Unites in Call for Ban on Overplus

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    The Dota 2 community, including pros and creators, is calling on Valve to ban Overplus, a tool that gives players an unfair advantage by revealing their opponents' hero pools and strategies. Alliance CEO Roda sees this as a “serious issue” that disrupts fair play in ranked and amateur events.

    Several dota 2 Players and developers are standing up for the community and calling on Valve to ban Overplus, a third-party tool that is causing chaos in both amateur and ranked Dota competitions.

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    Former pro and Alliance CEO Jonathan “Rhoda” Berg is the newest commentator on the Overplus app. He said the use of the software was a “serious problem” and asked Valve to intervene and ban its use on January 29th.

    Roda criticizes the app

    Roda specifically criticized the app for its use and display of match data. This is because the app allows users to see a player's pool of favorite heroes and ban that player while a match is in progress. Roda explained that the heroes with the highest win rates are strangely subject to too many “random” bans, even though they're not meta.

    Furthermore, Dota streamer Gorgc agreed with Loda and said that either everyone should have access to the data or no one should have access to it. Gorguk said it's incredibly unfair when it comes to the Immortal Draft. You can see all the past games, who bought the account, who is the Smurf, and other very important information.

    The worst part is that player information can be accessed even if you have set your account to private and have not shared your data using the “Publish public match data” option in the Dota 2 menu.

    Dota features

    Overplus (formerly Overwolf), a third-party Dota tool, has many features. One of the features is the ability to change the interface and appearance of the game, allowing players to equip skins they don't own. However, the community was outraged by the “Pick Stage Analyzer” developed by Overplus. This allows Overplus users to gain a competitive edge in the pre-game stage by gathering player information and providing a huge advantage during the drafting process.

    This application also allows users to see the most used items by players and skill builds for hero selection. This will help you prepare and counter your opponent before the match begins. This software is associated with cheating and no one will agree to it.

    Companies using this technology are gaining an unfair advantage over rivals who have been working hard for months.

    Similar third-party apps have appeared in rival games such as League of Legends. These apps have a variety of features, from pre-match draft information to providing players with important information during battles, such as their opponents' gold and item purchases. They are all considered cheating as they are beyond the capabilities of a normal player.

    However, Valve has not said anything about the duration of the intrusive data collection by the application. It's clear that Dota players have had enough and are begging the developer to consider banning the gamer and the app.


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