COMPANIES AND ENTREPRENEURS | Technology And Security, Synergies For The Common Good (part 1)

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    Virtual reality is a concept that reflects the technologically advanced age we live in. One example is the virtual center that opened on February 15th at the Police University of Mexico City. That’s right, the CDMX police already have their own metaverse.

    During the presentation, Omar García Harfuch, head of the capital’s civil security department, said the elements trained at the center simulated the city’s mission to open up and implement better decisions.

    And what do I want to tell you? very plain and simple. Technological advances that exist today are useful tools in one way or another when it comes to both public and private security.

    Experts are well aware of the benefits of technology in the security industry.

    Antonio Castro García, director of TiLatina, a technology company focused on the enterprise security market, who had the opportunity to speak with him, said that technology is changing the way security is implemented and being applied to improve it. partially asserts It reduces risk, reduces costs (the highest in our country), and improves the quality of life for those involved in security, including those working in the security industry.

    There are endless scenarios and new technologies that represent very important innovations. I will mention some in a moment. And it should be noted that something needs to be emphasized: Technology and security have synergies for common good.

    First of all, it must be said that in many industrial cities the specialization of guards is pushing technology to compensate for the shortage of workers. Arguably, some countries needed equipment technology to support what was most important, the human factor.

    This technology makes it possible, among other things, to identify the license plate of a person’s car in public places such as subways, airports and bus stations, allowing the culprit to hide somewhere. potential crisis.Mission

    Another key issue in this technological development relates to satellite services. It can identify hazards under command in seconds, recognize faces, vehicles and red lights and use technology to turn them off instantly.

    Artificial intelligence and big data are undoubtedly advanced and cutting-edge, primarily working for geolocation and tools to prevent theft of goods on the road.

    A perfect example of how technology can be used to conduct an event is a discussion with managers of the National Association of Vehicle Track Protection Companies (ANERPV) at C5 (Control, Command, Communications, Computing and Quality Center). This is adjustment work. writers. Recover goods and trucks in case of transport theft.

    In my next article, I will write about the limits that technology should have for people’s integrity, freedom, and privacy, and the technological opportunities that support public and private security, and the importance of the work between the two.


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