Connecting The Dots: MOZC IEO Lands On Koinpark, Aiming For Seamless Global Interaction

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    (MENAFN-Zex PR Wire) Goyo City Korea, January 2, 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, MOZ Coin (MOZC) just started its IEO on Koinpark and MOZlife is bringing big changes to the metaverse. This is a great opportunity to join a group that is building a future where online and offline worlds merge. If you want to try something new early on, please join us.

    Statement by IEO’s driving force

    From Moz Life

    “The Metaverse Onlife Zone is more than just a digital landscape. It is a community waiting to blossom. We knew launching MOZ Coin would require more than a secure platform. We needed a partner who fundamentally understood Koinpark. Koinpark was more than just a cryptocurrency exchange. They were fellow dreamers who wanted virtual high-fives to send shivers down their spines and online friendships to fill a real room. “Together, we not only created the IEO, we ignited a movement and made MOZC's dream a reality.” “We were able to bring this one step closer to reality.”

    From coin park

    At Koinpark, we think beyond code and transactions. We feel the potential for connection, change, and revolution. When the MOZC team sparked a vision, we realized we were not just hosting his IEO, we were shaping the future. We leveraged our expertise in security, transparency, and community building to create his IEO that not only exceeds expectations, but also sets a new precedent for innovation. Seeing MOZ Coin soar above the IEO is not just a win for investors. This is a testament to the power of a shared vision and the impact we can make when we push the boundaries of what is possible, said Coinpark CEO Thangapandi D. ”

    MOZC: Technical details

    MOZC is at the forefront of the burgeoning Metaverse on Life Zone (MOZ), a revolutionary paradigm shift orchestrated by the power of blockchain technology. Built on the robust and scalable Binance Smart Chain (BSC), MOZC leverages the BEP20 token standard to unlock a world of possibilities within the digital realm.

    Technical specifications:

    • Token standard: BEP20

    • Blockchain platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

    • community: teleback

    Major features:

    • Decentralized governance: MOZC takes a community-driven approach and leverages on-chain voting mechanisms to enable token holders to actively participate in shaping the future of the MOZ ecosystem.

    • Smart contract security: MOZC's smart contracts, developed and audited by industry-leading security firms, ensure transparency, immutability, and secure transactions within the platform.

    • Interoperability: The BEP20 standard enables seamless integration with other BSC-based applications and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), facilitating widespread adoption and utility.

    • Fast and scalable transactions: MOZC leverages BSC's Proof of Stake Authority (PoSA) consensus mechanism to provide fast transaction processing times and low fees, essential for real-time virtual interactions and seamless user experiences.

    • Advanced customization: The MOZC SDK enables developers to build diverse decentralized applications (dApps) and immersive experiences within the MOZ ecosystem, driving innovation and driving user engagement.

    Applications in MOZ:

    • Metaverse onlife experience: Attend virtual concerts, attend conferences, collaborate with global teams in real-time, and own a virtual land with tangible benefits.

    • Decentralized finance (DeFi): Use MOZC to stake, yield farm, and access exclusive investment opportunities within the MOZ ecosystem.

    • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs): Securely mint and trade unique digital assets such as virtual land parcels, avatars, and in-game items that represent real-world value within MOZ.

    IEO specifications

    IEO has started!upon December 26, 2023 , MOZC IEO has been launched at Koinpark, giving you the opportunity to be at the forefront of metaversal connectivity. Own a piece of the Metaverse Onlife Zone (MOZ) and be a pioneer in shaping this transformative future.

    Joining is easy:

    • Visit Koinpark's Launchpad.

    • Find more information about MOZC and its possibilities in the Live tab.

    • When you purchase MOZC, you get early access to many benefits.

    Ensure a fair launch:

    We believe in transparency and equal opportunity.that's why 2 million MOZC Tokens will be allocated to IEOs, making them accessible to everyone who shares our vision.

    MOZC Vision and Expansion Plan

  • MOZC's clear goals:

    MOZlife's goal is to create a metaverse that is free from physical limitations and fosters authentic human relationships. Imagine a vibrant mix of cultures and experiences instantly accessible to anyone, anywhere, and in real time. With MOZC, geographic boundaries disappear, making virtual interactions as authentic and meaningful as real-world interactions.

  • Ambitious expansion plans:

    MOZC's aspirations transcend national borders and aim to:

  • Promote connectivity, not barriers: MOZC paves the way for smooth cross-cultural exchange and promotes understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.

  • Empowering local voices: MOZC ensures inclusivity by promoting culturally relevant experiences and prevents anyone from feeling excluded from a diverse metaverse environment.

  • Decentralized future: MOZC takes a user-driven approach and envisions a decentralized metaverse where communities naturally form a thriving ecosystem of creativity and innovation.

    Koinpark’s important contribution to MOZC IEO

    As host of the MOZ Coin (MOZC) Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Koinpark is playing a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of this innovative venture. Koinpark, which operates as a global cryptocurrency exchange, serves as a secure and accessible platform for users to participate in her MOZC IEO.

    CoinPark's commitment to driving innovation in the cryptocurrency space is evident through its role in hosting this landmark IEO. By providing a seamless experience for participants, Koinpark strengthens its dedication to supporting projects that push the boundaries of metaversal experiences.

    The collaboration between MOZlife and Koinpark highlights a shared vision to reimagine the future of digital interactions. As the MOZC IEO unfolds on his Koinpark, this exchange will act as a catalyst, allowing users to actively contribute to the evolution of the metaverse.


    Koinpark’s MOZ Coin (MOZC) IEO is a big step towards improving virtual connectivity. BEP20 tokens will make the virtual experience smoother and allow people to enjoy things in the Metaverse in real time. MOZlife wants to connect people in the Metaverse. Join us in shaping how people connect in the future. Participate in MOZC IEO at Koinpark. This allows users to have smooth virtual interactions, become part of the MOZlife journey and enjoy special features in the online world.

    For further inquiries or further information, please contact us below.

    Contact person: donald lee

    Join our Mozlife Telegram group:


    About MOZlife: MOZlife is focused on revolutionizing the metaversal experience by prioritizing real-time connectivity. Through our efforts, we aim to minimize latency and increase the reliability of virtual interactions. Our vision extends beyond a single platform and aims to contribute to a globally connected metaverse where borders disappear, cultures thrive and human connections transcend boundaries.

    About Coin Park: Koinpark is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to solving challenges within the cryptocurrency community. Founded in 2020, the platform offers solutions for investing, trading, and promoting financial literacy, providing individuals around the world with secure, accessible, and user-friendly tools to engage with cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to do so.


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