Coty creates first metaverse space to upskill its workforce

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    Coty publishes its first metaverse space, but customers cannot visit it. Launched this fall, the multinational beauty company’s first metaverse space, Coty Campus, is an interior space designed to enable its 11,000 employees to develop skills in frontier technology.

    Created in partnership with Metaverse real estate platform Spatial, Coty Campus integrates text and voice chat capabilities, screen and file sharing, and customizable avatars. It also gamifies global collaboration between employees through what they call a “phygital reward system” based on collecting items, exploring locations, and completing quests. The idea is to connect employees around the world to facilitate collaboration and enhance existing training, hiring, and onboarding processes.

    The long-term goal of the Coty Campus is to foster innovation in Coty’s portfolio of brands, including Burberry, Gucci Beauty and Marc Jacobs, as part of the company’s broader commitment to digitally upskill its workforce. to improve the skills of its employees. Coty’s Innovation and Beauty Technology team partnered with a task force that understands the needs of teams across the organization to create a space that helps employees build her Web3 and Metaverse technology skills.

    Coty Chief Digital Officer Jean-Denis Mariani said in the release: With Coty Campus, he at Spatial is proud to leverage Web3 and gaming technology on a breakthrough scale to create new immersive experiences that offer the most interactive solutions for collaboration and co-creation. “

    With the proliferation of brands marketing and selling beauty products in the metaverse with outward-facing spaces, Coty’s approach leans toward another metaverse use case: education.

    Historically, brands have used the metaverse space to educate consumers. Clinique’s recent Metaverse retail space seeks to teach visitors the history of the brand and modernize its heritage. His October 2022 sandbox world in the Gucci Vault was a game education on Gucci traditions and products. But in January 2022, Dermalogica launched Natalia, her human digital, using video and VR simulations to help train skin care professionals (not consumers) around the world.

    “Beauty brands typically invest heavily in consumer-facing assets, and we did this because one of our core values ​​is education,” said Dermalogica’s Global Education Officer. spokesman Tabby Zamani said. trendy business at the time.

    Beyond this, employee education has largely been the prerogative of the Web3 Native Initiative. For example, in February 2022, Fortnite creator Epic Games offered a free course teaching his interactive 3D skills to young people interested in digital fashion and the metaverse. In-house training programs are on the rise. However, these are generally about the metaverse space itself, not the metaverse space itself.

    It’s the first centralized, dedicated metaverse space where employees of a large conglomerate come to learn. “Coty is thrilled to be the first beauty company to embark on a project of this kind,” Mariani said.

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