Counter-Strike and LoL Lead in 2023 eSports Betting

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    Based on the Abios Leaderboard 2023 report, we found that Counter-Strike dominated, accounting for 56% of all esports bets on Kambi Network in 2023. Closely followed by two esports games: League of Legends (LoL) at 24% and Dota 2 at 14%.

    According to data provided by Abios, Valorant accounts for 3% of betting sales, making it the fourth most popular game. This information was obtained from a sportsbook powered by Kambi that operates in a regulated market. according to it, WebsiteKambi is present on six continents and works with over 40 carriers.

    Counter-Strike, League of Legends lead in esports betting

    When it comes to Counter-Strike betting leagues, Intel Extreme Masters held a 10% share of betting revenue across the Kambi network, followed closely by ESL Pro League with a 9% share in 2023.

    Counter-Strike was the most bet-worthy title in both North America and Europe. Meanwhile, League of Legends dominated the gaming scene among Latin American consumers. In particular, Mobile Legend: Bang Bang secured a popular spot in Latin America, while Starcraft 2 took his 9th place in both North America and Europe.

    Below are five teams that were considered favorites to win Counter Strike all year long.

    1. G2 Esports
    2. team vitality
    3. fazeclan
    4. team liquid
    5. cloud 9

    Match odds are at the top of the list in the esports betting market, followed by map handicap and total kills (player proposition).

    Counter-Strike, League of Legends lead in esports bettingCounter-Strike, League of Legends lead in esports betting

    In addition to providing statistics for 2023, this report also focuses on trends that are likely to impact the Esports Betting market in 2024. This report discusses the impact of betting markets on the esports ecosystem and the role that collaborative streaming can play in the industry.

    eSports titles will grow in 2023

    For example, League of Legends peaked at 6.4 million viewers, representing a 25% year-over-year increase. Additionally, Counter Strike saw him connect with the player base even before the release of CS2, reaching his peak of 1.8 million players in 2023.

    Also acknowledged were player suggestions (bets on players) and the distinction between pre-match and live esports betting. According to Abios' report, his 60% of all bets made are centered on live in-play betting.

    As stated by the eSportsBets platform, the CS eSports tournaments that attracted betting attention in 2023 were very predictable. IEM led the pack, followed closely by ESL Pro League and BLAST Premier.

    In the Abios report on industry performance in 2022, the situation remains largely unchanged. For example, the top five eSports games remained the same. Several League of Legends tournaments and teams have managed to secure their place in the esports betting rankings.

    Niclas Sundell, Head of Sales at Abios, said: “As esports continues to mature and become part of modern online sports betting services, sportsbooks and other industry leaders will understand what products and services esports fans are looking for. It's essential.''

    LoL downsized by 11%

    In another related development, League of Legends creator Riot Games laid off 11% of staff.

    In a message to employees released Monday night, CEO Dylan Jadeja and Riot Games co-founder Mark Merrill said the decision was made to “prioritize our goals and This was done with the intention of “working toward a stable future.”

    They said 530 positions, representing 11% of the company's workforce, would be laid off. It is important to note that Riot Games is under the ownership of Chinese technology giant Tencent.

    All in all, it will be interesting to see what direction esports betting goes as the industry continues to grow.


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