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    Original title: Building a Metaverse Ecological Model City Xiamen Digital Road Cycling Race Illuminates the “Twin Towers”

    Lighting up the Xiamen Digital Road Cycling Race “Twin Towers” to create a metaverse ecological model city

    Source: People’s Daily Online

    People’s Daily Online, Xiamen, April 30 (Zhang Meng) On April 29th, the first day of the “May 1st” consecutive holidays, the observation deck of Yanwu Bridge in Siming District, Xiamen City was very lively. The Metaverse Cycling Event was held with passion. 80 elite riders, many tourists and citizens participated in the lighting ceremony of the “Twin Towers” along with the Olympic champion Ji Hei Shin Pen to open Xiamen Sports He Metaverse.

    80 elite riders, a large number of tourists and citizens attended and witnessed the lighting ceremony of the “Twin Towers” along with Olympic champion Jie Simpen, opening the Xiamen Sports Metaverse.Photo credit: Siming District Financial Media Center

    It is understood that the Xiamen Sports Metaverse Digital Road Cycling Race is a brand new digital sports event created by the “2023 Siming Sports Fashion Season”. The tournament will start at noon on the same day. In addition to the main venue, Yanbu Bridge Observation Deck, the preliminary rounds also set up multiple sub-venues at locations such as Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street China City Shopping Center and Xiamen Seawan Park. The same competition not only provides a lot of convenience for players to participate in the competition, but also reflects the development trend of “digital + sports”.

    As night fell, the finals officially began. Ji Xinpeng, China’s first badminton men’s singles Olympic champion, came to the final scene to cheer on the players and experience the integration of “Metaverse + Sports”. Together with the contestants, he lit up Xiamen’s iconic cityscape, the Twin Towers, on his Yuansu his smart bike, jointly opening the overture to the final. Next, the elite riders who have won the qualifying will enter the technology-packed virtual arena through the Chinese meta-sport “Sports Yuan Universe” event system and Yuansu smart bicycles. The countdown numbers on the screen jump over and over again, and the fierce competition is about to begin. Contestants experienced his duel as he sprinted his twin tracks digitally for 10 kilometers and immersed riding combined with his virtual reality.

    event venue. Photo credit: Siming District Financial Media Center

    In the end, the Star Alliance Team and Qiyuan Cycling Team won the men’s and women’s team championships respectively, Huang Liyan won the men’s individual championship, and won the women’s championship in the “2023 Siming Sports Fashion Season” I just did the AMOY50 Xiamen (Siming) urban cross-country race. 2nd place Zhong Ping launched a Jedi counterattack in the final sprint stage to take the women’s individual title.

    It is worth noting that on September 8, 2022, the Chinese system participated in the fashion sports exhibition held during the “9.8” CIFIT and signed a deliberate cooperation agreement with the Siming District government. On November 10th of the same year, during the China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, China System signed a cooperation agreement with Xiamen Sports Bureau, Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Siming District Government on the “Sports Universe” project. As an operator, the Chinese system Meta Sports, through the “Sports Metaverse” platform, will open up a new path of deep integration of sports + cultural tourism, sports + urban consumption, making Xiamen a metaverse ecological model city. In the future, the two companies will carry out close cooperation with relevant departments and institutions in Xiamen on the implementation of national-level sports metaverse events, the construction and operation of community and enterprise vitality spaces, and the consolidation of digitalization. Sports industry to empower the innovative development of Xiamen’s sports industry and help Xiamen city create a “metaverse ecological model city”.

    The event is sponsored by the People’s Government of Siming District, Xiamen City, Xiamen Sports Bureau and Municipal Garden Bureau. The organizer said that the successful holding of the event not only made Xiamen citizens and tourists feel the unique charm of the sports metaverse event, but also added new vitality to the brand building of the “2023 Siming Sports Fashion Season”. said to have injected The innovative development of Xiamen’s sports industry brings new ideas.Return to Sohu to see more


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