CrowdStrike Named a Founding Member of NIST Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute Consortium

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    cloud strike (Nasdaq: CRWD) today announced that it is a founding member of the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Artificial Intelligence (AI) Safety Research Institute Consortium (AISIC), demonstrating our commitment to advancing and promoting responsible AI. AISIC will serve as a collaborative platform for both public sector and private stakeholders to help guide standards and techniques for the widespread implementation and development of trustworthy AI.

    This effort is part of NIST's response to President Biden's groundbreaking policies. Executive Order on Artificial IntelligenceThis places many responsibilities on NIST to promote the safe, secure, and reliable development and use of AI. CrowdStrike continues to be at the forefront of AI-native cybersecurity, pioneering breakthrough applications of AI to enhance and accelerate critical security workflows to more effectively stop breaches and save time. , minimizing costs. CrowdStrike's portfolio of innovations is delivered through AI Native. CrowdStrike Falcon® XDR Platformand include Charlotte AI, a purpose-built engine that powers the company's portfolio of generative AI capabilities across the platform. CrowdStrike's comprehensive knowledge in the AI ​​field will help AISIC develop proven, scalable, and interoperable methodologies for developing the responsible use of AI systems and the advancement of responsible AI.

    Responsible use of AI and privacy by design

    As highlighted by CrowdStrike recent testimony He told the U.S. House Judiciary Committee that while threat actors will continue to use AI for malicious purposes, it is important to recognize the significant benefits AI brings in cybersecurity. These tools have shown time and time again to significantly outperform traditional technologies that do not incorporate AI. However, AI without privacy by design can pose enterprise risks. AISIC’s overarching goals – in conjunction with Executive Order 14110 – To promote the development and responsible use of trusted AI applications and ensure data privacy and protection.

    “As the federal government's leading U.S. cybersecurity technology partner, CrowdStrike has redefined modern security. “We've set the industry standard for what we can deliver to customers,” said Drew Bagley, Vice President and General Counsel, Privacy and Cyber ​​Policy, CrowdStrike. “Ultimately, AI is a cybersecurity enabler that can better protect assets by quickly detecting hidden threats and reducing response times. There are new opportunities and risks that organizations must anticipate. As a founding member of AISIC, we encourage organizations and institutions to adopt privacy-by-design and responsible AI technologies to make their networks more inclusive. We want to help them gain visibility and protect their data from breaches more comprehensively.”

    To learn more about CrowdStrike's global policy efforts, please visit our website. Policy page.

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