Crypto Bridge Forum in Belarus Bridges the Gap in Blockchain, Banking, Finance, DeFi, and Security

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    Published November 24, 2023

    Minsk, Belarus – From November 30th to December 1st, Belarus’ largest crypto forum “CryptoBridge” will be held at the Falcon Club, marking a pivotal moment for the crypto community. Organized by the media portal FUTUREBY.INFO and supported by the Blockchain Association of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), the event promises to bring together minds, ideas and opportunities.

    A combination of expertise and visionary

    The Crypto Bridge Forum aims to bring together a diverse group of participants, from experienced businessmen and dreamers to developers and industry experts. Our guiding principle is “We don’t combine technology; we connect people!” This event will highlight collaboration and connections in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain, banking, finance, DeFi, and security.

    The forum will feature 25 stands, 80 speakers and more than 2,000 attendees over two days. The scope of this event is wide-ranging, with media coverage expected to reach 20 million people.

    Diverse audience, endless possibilities

    The target audience reflects the forum’s comprehensive approach, with 20% top executives, 15% technology startup representatives, 17% professionals, 8% investors, and 38% industry experts. Journalists account for 2%. This diverse combination ensures a dynamic exchange of ideas and opportunities.

    Unleash your potential with CryptoBridge

    Crypto Bridge offers product presentations, networking with potential partners, cooperation agreements with new companies, learning from experienced speakers, deepening your knowledge in the fields of blockchain, banking, finance, DeFi, security, and more. We offer a variety of possibilities for participants. Participants will also have the opportunity to showcase their business and attract potential investors.

    famous speakers

    The forum has an impressive list of speakers, including Valery Bestrukov, Director of the Distributed Registry Technology Association of the Republic of Belarus, and notable figures such as Andrei Negodko, Kirill Zalesky, and Vladimir Smerkis. are connected.

    Strategic partners and supporters

    Crypto Bridge also has support from strategic partners such as Bynex and RACIB, as well as partners such as Keine Exchange, Voltep, Bridge, and HI Tech Park Belarus. Media partners include Pro BlockChain Media, E-PR Online, and Crypteko, ensuring extensive coverage and exposure.

    Variety of ticket options

    To accommodate different budgets, Crypto Bridge offers four ticket categories: The Metaverse ticket includes 3 months of access to the Metaverse, video recordings, and online broadcasts. A standard ticket gives you access to business programs and exhibition areas throughout the two-day event.

    To enhance your experience, your business ticket includes a coffee break and recording of the speaker presentation. VIP tickets provide the ultimate experience with access to VIP areas, two days of lunch, priority seating, and an exclusive afterparty.

    Crypto Bridge is more than just an event. It is the nexus where the past, present, and future of blockchain, banking, finance, DeFi, and security converge. As the cryptocurrency community unites in Minsk, this forum is poised to become a catalyst for transformative ideas and joint ventures.

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