Crypto Meets Real Estate: Buying Property Has Never Been Simpler!

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    The Metropoly ($METRO) project is expected to boom in the wake of recent real estate interest, and the cryptocurrency market could soon welcome a new real estate mogul.

    Metropoly has raised over $500,000 in just a few weeks by launching an impressive funding round, with hundreds of investors vying for a piece of the crypto-real estate development. As of this writing, the pre-sale is in Phase 9 and investors can make a good profit by purchasing his METRO tokens at a discounted price of $0.0625.

    Metropoly’s aggressive goal is to build a fully decentralized real estate marketplace, reviving awareness of blockchain-based real estate assets. The ultimate goal is simple: to provide a system that facilitates the tokenization of real estate to decentralized online trading platforms. Proprietary, her NFT technology allows clients to acquire partial stakes in assets located anywhere in the world.

    What makes an investment in Metropoli so lucrative?

    There have been many successful pre-sale crypto ventures this year and the public is entitled to know what sets Metropoly apart. Below are the reasons why investing in this token is the best decision you can make this year.

    NFT use cases in action

    Real estate NFTs are actually financial instruments that bind owners to the real estate they represent, as opposed to mere collectible items that are traded to make a profit as they increase in value. We offer our customers a wide range of amenities, including passive money making opportunities. For this reason, Metropoly has been featured in various notable news articles in publications such as Bloomberg.

    less competition

    Linking Real Estate and NFTs is a topic of significant debate, but little real progress has been made. Those who act quickly may benefit from the current low level of competition in the market. Sooner or later, when more such initiatives materialize, they will reap the benefits of the pump.

    100% transparency guaranteed

    Aiming for complete openness, CertiK has inspected Metropoly’s smart contracts and SolidProof has made company owners public. Rest assured, Metropoly aims to be completely transparent and honest with our community.

    low barriers to entry

    The real estate market is strong, but the majority of investors are large financial institutions. There are considerable barriers to entry that discourage casual investors. By using real estate NFTs for fractional ownership, Metropoly hopes to expand access to real estate investments.

    You can buy just 0.1% of NFTs for $100. The real estate market is much more reliable as opposed to other businesses, so it is also a means of avoiding the perils of a volatile market.

    surprise gift

    The million-dollar Burj Khalifa house won the grand prize in the biggest competition ever offered by Metropoly. Users can participate in the contest by participating in the pre-sale and purchasing METRO tokens for a minimum of $100. Users can increase the number of Raffle Her entries they receive by following the instructions on the main Her page.

    Bonus for pre-sale investors

    Early entrants have the potential to reap large returns. For those who enter the pre-sale using the promo code “Launch20”, Metropoly will throw in his additional 20% of his METRO tokens as a token of goodwill.

    pipeline details

    The Real Estate NFT Marketplace Beta is online and the development of the platform itself is underway. Once the beta was released, pre-sales picked up momentum and Metropoly was able to raise about $500,000! Most recently, Metropoly released a mobile-optimized version of the software known as Beta App 2.0. Released.

    Separately, the Metropoly Marketplace will include the GameFi component in Q2 2023. In Q2, we will also implement a customer service system and a way for third-party companies to advertise their real estate NFTs.

    By the end of Q3 2023, Metropoly plans to integrate GameFi functionality for in-app leveling, trading, and credit card payments. Gateway to VIP Customer Care will open in Q4 2023.

    During this time, Metropoly will also offer a training program and a decentralized wallet for purchasing $METRO. Additionally, we are working on a cashback solution that offers attractive incentives to our holders.

    How important is the $METRO token?

    A system-specific coin, $METRO, will be the primary medium of exchange on the Metropoly platform.

    It is therefore adopted in the market for the acquisition and disposal of residential and commercial real estate. The funds are also expected to be utilized to distribute the passive income stream generated by property ownership.

    Property ownership is established by issuing an NFT certificate. These may take the form of fractions and thus passive income streams may be extended to cover only a portion of the original amount.

    As part of the Metropoly beta test last year, it was put to the ultimate test. The initiative is currently in its second beta stage, with the platform’s first product launch expected sometime next month.

    Is Metropoly worth investing in?

    Metropoly’s key benefits include the innovative use of NFTs to purchase real estate and the provision of low threshold entry for novice investors into the real estate market. The cryptocurrency community has been very optimistic about the service, with the rapid growth of the presale predicting the developer to see a tenfold increase in value when the venture goes live.

    Should you put your money in Metropoly? This initiative is open and realistically considers the capabilities of NFTs. We do not intend to sell short, instead urging potential backers to do their own due diligence.

    How to buy METRO tokens

    To participate in the Metropoly Presale, please follow these steps:

    open wallet

    First, you need a wallet to store your tokens. The $METRO team uses this wallet. When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, Metropoly suggests either Trust Wallet or Metamask. However, other solutions that work with ETH are allowed.

    Connect your wallet to the presale

    To participate in the Metropoly Crypto Presale, visit the site[Connect Wallet]Choose. In the next step, select the appropriate wallet operator and select the previously created wallet.

    Select payment method

    Users can buy $METRO with Ether, Binance Coin, or Tether. Before linking, make sure your wallet contains one of the three cryptocurrencies:

    buy tokens

    To complete the process, you will need to obtain a METRO token. Enter the number of $METRO tokens you wish to purchase. Once the pre-sale ends, you can fulfill your trades and collect tokens.

    Last word: wait or buy now?

    The METRO Presale requires a $100 base deposit. If you own METRO for $100 or more, you can enter to win the $1 million Burj Khalifa house. Annual rental income potential is $100,000.

    Don’t forget Metropoly has a lot of great features in development, including upcoming CEX listings, GameFi integration, proposed loan features, and more. It’s important to invest in this real-world asset startup as soon as possible, instead of waiting, for the potential to generate 10x returns in the long run.

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