Crypto Ocean Metaverse Has announced its innovative development and ecological construction in the field of metaverse

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    Issued May 11, 2023

    Recently, Crypto Ocean Metaverse announced innovative development and ecological construction in the metaverse field. Crypto Ocean Metaverse is a metaverse digital ecology platform built on Ocean Psyche Chain (OPC). It aims to build a digital platform with a complete economic system and continuous operation, enable the digital development of the industry, and reshape the global financial pattern.

    It is understood that the infrastructure ecology of the Crypto Ocean Metaverse took three years of careful planning and layout and was implemented by the end of 2021. After nearly two years of concerted efforts and efforts of all parties involved, this infrastructure ecology has achieved outstanding results in the world arena. Transform over and over again. We have made rapid progress and entered a new era. Currently, the infrastructure ecology of the CryptoOcean metaverse is very strong. It integrates five classical cultures, four key ideas, three key mechanisms, two key innovations, and a common dream.

    The core plate of the infrastructure ecology of the CryptoOcean metaverse is the crypto NFT and the metaverse ecology. We provide users with a rich and diverse virtual world experience and value acquisition through methods such as blind box speculation, metaverse mall, metaverse real estate, and metaverse minerals. Infrastructure Ecology of Crypto Ocean Metaverse independently developed OPC public chain, cross-chain bridge protocol, shell decentralized trading platform, prophecy machine, aggregator, etc. to provide a secure, efficient and scalable platform. technical support.

    The Crypto Ocean Metaverse has comprehensively planned the Metaverse Realization Entity Industry Listing Strategy, and it is reported that a four-dimensional integrated ecological complex and wealth complex have been preliminarily formed. increase. The CEO of Crypto Ocean Metaverse said this full-scale outbreak of great systems engineering is ahead of its time. It will bring great wealth opportunities to Metaverse enthusiasts around the world, gaining more ordinary people and achieving common prosperity.

    Additionally, CryptoOcean Metaverse has announced that it has received funding from several well-known venture capital funds. The fund expressed its high awareness and confidence in the infrastructure ecology of the Crypto Ocean Metaverse and said it would provide all strategic support and resources for its enablement.

    Regarding this investment, the CEO of Crypto Ocean Metaverse said, “We are very honored to receive the investment and trust, which is a great affirmation and encouragement for our team and project. I believe we can do better,” he said. And with the development of the metaverse field, we can create a clean flow in the industry, realize the big dream of restructuring global finance, and create a true trust machine in global finance. ”

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