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    Join us for an engaging discussion on 'The Future of Crypto/Virtual Digital Assets Redefined' hosted by Swathi Moorthy. Our esteemed panel of speakers includes Harsh Rajat, founder of Push Protocol; Edul Patel, co-founder and CEO of Mudrex. Raghu Mohan, Co-Founder of Builders Tribe. and Gowree Gokhale, Partner at Nithith Desai Associates. This session will delve into the current sentiment surrounding the regulatory, investment, and startup landscape in 2024, and explore key trends including Bitcoin ETF approval, halving, elections, and more. Experts look back at the industry's trajectory since his FTX collapse in 2022, analyzing changes and lessons learned. In addition, panelists will discuss the evolution of the investment landscape, trends in retail investor sentiment, and the outlook for emerging companies in the crypto space in 2024. Regulatory challenges, particularly in India, will be a key focus, along with interbank relationships. Traditional finance and crypto platforms. Our experts shed light on emerging trends in 2024, including the potential role of AI and other elements beyond NFTs and the Metaverse. Finally, find out what the next bull market looks like and the role India can play in it, while providing insight and careful advice to new investors entering the market ► Subscribe to Economic Times for the latest video updates please. It's free! –► More Videos @ ETTV –►► For business news on the go Please download the ET app: Follow ET: ► Facebook – ► Twitter – https://www.twitter .com/economictimes► LinkedIn –► Instagram –► Flipboard – # latestnews #economictimes #ET #TheEconomicTimes #BusinessNews


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