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    D&AD has announced the shortlists for all categories of this year’s D&AD Awards ahead of the announcement of the Pencil winners at two ceremonies on May 24th and 25th at the BFI Southbank in London. China, India and Japan are all among the top 10 finalists.

    Each year, the D&AD Awards set the standard for creative excellence, and the D&AD Pencil is globally recognized as the ultimate creative honor, entered and judged by exceptional artists from around the world. Now in its 61st consecutive year, the D&AD Awards have grown to incorporate over 40 categories and are judged by nearly 400 of the world’s leading creators from across the spectrum of design, advertising, craft, production and impact.

    This year, D&AD challenged the industry to “MAKE”. change. ‘ Today, D&AD strives to celebrate creative excellence, uncover insights, and share tools that empower. We look at what comes next, discuss opportunities and challenges arising from evolving and emerging technologies, move the industry forward, advocate for what is right, and create a space for new voices to thrive.

    Pencil Award-winning work leaves an important and lasting legacy, informing the future of commercial creativity around the world. Importantly, as a charity, your entry allows D&AD to fund educational programs such as D&AD Shift with Google. D&AD Shift with Google is a free, industry-led night school for self-taught creatives from underrepresented backgrounds.

    Each year, the D&AD Awards categories evolve to best represent the creative and cultural landscape in which work is produced. The revised program addresses fundamental themes that currently permeate the creative industry, ensuring that the award remains the most relevant benchmark for creative excellence in design and advertising.

    D&AD Announces 2023 Awards Shortlist

    The 2023 Awards saw the development of the following categories:
    • Games category is now Games & Virtual Worlds with 3 new additions
    Subcategories: Using Avatar, Using Blockchain, Brand Experience
    • Use of the XR subcategory to more comprehensively include works created for Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. The use of XR has been added to direct and media for the first time.Also digital, commerce, digital design, animation, typography, visual effects
    • Photos have evolved to include personal style so portfolios can be evaluated
    • Added fashion films in 6 categories: Cinematography, Art Direction, Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Production Design
    • Added two new subcategories for product and packaging design. Packaging design / plastic free. Covers packaging that has been designed or redesigned to eliminate the use of plastic. and Impact/Climate Solutions: for work that is taking action to combat the impacts of climate change by advancing the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.
    • Restructured branding categories to group work according to client size.
    • Renamed Type Design to Type Design & Lettering, organized subcategories by font family instead of genre, and added subcategories dedicated to lettering, symbols, and variable fonts.
    • Restructured book design and added new subcategories such as Young Adults, Photobooks, Exhibition Books, Promotional Books, Anthologies, and Revisions.
    • Reintroduced craft subcategories for music videos (Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Visual Effects, etc.)

    Here are the top-ranked countries by number of entries remaining on the shortlist:
    1. USA: 233
    2. Great Britain: 186
    3. France: 67
    4. Australia: 38
    5. Canada: 38
    6. USA, UK: 36
    7. China: 28
    8. India: 27
    9. Germany: 24
    10. Japan: 24

    The top five participants by number of entries remaining on the shortlist are:
    1. Division: 22
    2. Adam & Eve DDB: 20
    3. Marcel: 18
    4. Ogilvy England: 16
    5. FCB New York: 15

    The total number of shortlisted entries in each category is as follows:
    Animations: 21
    Art direction: 20
    Book design: 20
    Branding: 89
    Performers: 23 people
    Taken: 13
    Commercial: 33
    Creative transformation: 17
    Digital: 65
    Digital Designs: 30
    Direct: 67
    Direction: 61
    Edit: 15
    Entertainment: 22
    EXP: 58
    Film: 38
    Future Impact: 20
    Games and virtual worlds: 13
    Graphic Design: 59
    Illustrations: 20
    Impact: 44
    Integrations: 15
    Magazine/Newspaper Design: 37
    Media: 65
    Music Videos: 37
    Package design: 22
    Photo: 12
    PR: 65
    Press & Outdoor: 35
    Product Design: 23
    Production Design: 15
    Radio and Audio: 20
    Side Hustle: 6
    Use of sound design and music: 36
    Spatial design: 31
    Type design and lettering: 22
    Typography: 17
    Visual Effects: 15
    Advertising writing: 26
    Lighting for Design: 14

    Submissions for 2023 saw a significant increase in submissions from almost all regions. Africa showed the most significant change at 103.8%, followed by Latin America at 33.07%, the Middle East and India at 27.73%, Japan and Singapore at 18.94%, and the United States and Canada at 6.93%. Additionally, the total number of submissions for this year’s awards was a record, with him up 4.95% overall.

    Donal Keenan, Director of Awards for D&AD, said, “It was great to meet in person for the first time since 2019. After several days and nights of intense discussion and debate, the judges loved participating and were very happy to be part of it. It was fun,” he said. promote. A big thank you to all the judges who contributed their expertise. It was tough but fair and the results were announced. We are pleased to announce the final shortlist. ”

    “We are creating a new intelligence, embracing renewable energy, facing extinction, confronting its prejudices, entrenching inequalities, exploring more, a world that is living longer and battling a pandemic,” Jackson said. It’s obvious that we can’t make only pretty things, we can’t make plastic trash, we can’t waste our time making up things that aren’t real. We cannot ignore how technology shapes us, we cannot flaunt our privileges, we cannot be complacent with convention, we cannot turn a blind eye. Creativity can make a big difference in meeting these challenges.”

    Pencil winners will be announced at two ceremonies on May 24th and 25th at the BFI Southbank in London.

    For more information, click here.

    View full candidate list

    D&AD Announces 2023 Awards Shortlist
    D&AD Announces 2023 Awards Shortlist


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