Data security and the mitigation of threat as remote working evolves

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    data (opens in new tab) is the most important asset any company has, and they have long recognized the importance of keeping it secure.Hard-working employees before everything was connected (opens in new tab) I backed up my hard drive and stuffed my important data onto a CD-R. That’s right. Keeping multiple copies is a basic principle for ensuring data safety. But when Internet connectivity became commonplace, the focus shifted from data integrity to data security. (opens in new tab)Data stored in the wrong place or left exposed to outside access can very easily be compromised maliciously without loss of disk or any evidence of compromise. It may fall into someone’s hands.

    Due to the transition to relying on cloud storage (opens in new tab)More and more data is becoming readily accessible to those who decide to access it.ransomware (opens in new tab), in many forms, data breaches become more profitable and then more common occurrences. Meanwhile, the rules and regulations surrounding data management have evolved to make breaches that are extremely damaging to an organization’s reputation and finances.

    New data challenges


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