Dave & Buster’s to debut Jurassic World VR Expedition

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    Customers will soon have access to the Jurassic World VR Expedition thanks to the partnership between Universal, VRC and Dave & Buster’s. More on that below.

    What is Jurassic World VR Expedition?

    Jurassic World VR Expedition is an interactive VR experience based on the Jurassic World franchise. VR Expedition is set to release on June 22nd, coinciding with his theatrical release. fallen kingdom.

    If you want to attend a VR Expedition, you’re in luck! You can do it at Dave & Buster’s. Their role in this partnership is to host the VR experience at their location. all of themNote that this is not limited to any particular location, but there are only 114 worldwide based in the United States and Canada.

    how does that work?

    Use a combination of HTC Vive headsets, motion controllers and a dedicated seating platform. Together, these elements create a corner at each Dave & Buster’s where customers can immerse themselves in Jurassic World VR. While primarily intended to serve as a viewing experience, there is limited gameplay in the form of using motion controllers to “tag” and rescue dinosaurs.

    Such promotions have skyrocketed in popularity over the past year, proving the power of location-based VR as a marketing tool. Let us know by commenting below: Are you planning on attending a VR Expedition anytime soon?


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