Day 2 Overview at RSA Conference 2023

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    Skepticism of New AI Technologies, Metaverse Concerns, New ‘Shift Up’ Approaches

    Anna Delaney (Anna Madeline) •
    April 25, 2023

    From left to right: Tom Field, Matt Schwartz, Anna Delaney

    ChatGPT may be making headlines, but many security experts are still skeptical of artificial intelligence. The RSA Conference 2023 Information Security Media Group editors discuss this year’s hot topics, from looming risks in the metaverse to the latest approaches to cloud development.

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    Winn Schwartau, chief visionary officer at The Security Awareness Company, told ISMG’s Mathew Schwartz that virtual reality headsets and tools can worsen the way humans perceive reality.

    Schwartau, who coined the term “electronic Pearl Harbor” in the early 1990s, isn’t worried about Facebook’s virtual reality headset metaverse, but he’s worried about what happens after that. “His point is that we’re using technology that’s getting better and better to the point where it makes reality feel like it’s not real. What happens when people get in there and start messing with it? We What risks do you face?” asked Schwartz, his editor at DataBreachToday and Europe executive.

    RSA Editors’ Panel Today – Schwartz; Anna Delaney, Director, Production; said Tom Field, his senior vice editor of ISMG and his president.

    • The buzz around generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and the level of skepticism about their usefulness in today’s security market.
    • Venture capital opportunities in today’s uncertain economic climate.
    • How techs are looking beyond “shift left” to a fully cloud-based “shift up” model.

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    Check out ISMG’s site for video interviews and articles about notable RSA sessions and cybersecurity newsmakers in San Francisco this week. For more information, visit the RSA Conference 2023 page.


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