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    2022 has been a fulfilling and exciting year for Decentraland. Not only has the platform grown in many ways, with new in-world content, new features, and new tools, but so has his magnificent Decentraland community, which has contributed to the platform. In 2022, the Decentralites are even more empowered to create tons of new content, from emotes to experiences. Some DCL citizens, supported by DAO grants, have launched amazing projects that benefit both the platform and the community. All these developments and achievements should be applauded, both from a platform and community perspective. Let’s look back on 2022 at Decentraland!

    Decentraland definition — public goods

    As Decentraland continues to grow, celebrate victories and weather controversy throughout 2022, the platform’s identity and mission, and what sets it apart from other Web3 platforms, is clearer than ever. Decentraland is a virtual world, the only decentralized open source Web3 platform built openly for the public good. Anyone can contribute to it, owned and managed by users via the Decentraland DAO that powers the platform, supported by his Decentraland Foundation, a non-profit that works to grow and feed both the platform and its community It has been.

    Decentraland members are not a product to measure success and Decentraland is not monetized by selling user data or pushing NFTs. In fact, the lack of true monetization makes Decentraland an exciting place of possibility and freedom, allowing it to serve as a public good. Instead of everyone thinking, “How can Decentraland make money?” the question behind Decentraland is, “How can he help Decentraland give more to the community? “about it.

    For example, Decentraland’s marketplace is a space where any creator can publish and sell content (wearables and emotes). Decentraland is not only the only platform where user-generated content is curated by the community, but it also allows creators to get more of his 97.5% of the revenue than any other platform and also has a loyalty system. has been introduced. His 2.5% of all transactions collected on the marketplace, and the closest form of monetization involving the platform, go to his DAO of Decentraland, a community governance system, to help run the platform. Not only are they used, but many of them are put back. He joins the Decentraland community in the form of a grant that anyone can apply for.

    “Can’t Be Evil” was the motto of Decentraland’s 2022 manifesto. Decentraland’s true decentralization, combined with acting as a public good and monetization is not the goal, arguably sets it apart from other his Web3 platforms and ensures that the motto is true. is. Decentraland’s code is open source, anyone can extend the platform’s functionality, audit it, contribute, run servers, and all proprietary data resides on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain.

    At the moment, Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world best positioned to realistically survive the major organizations behind it. Virtual worlds should not be owned by a single company, they should be built as open protocols owned by users. Being decentralized, Decentraland will not be controlled by one entity, will not be selfish and will be free to grow and develop in whatever way best suits its community.

    To best summarize how Decentraland was defined in 2022, we highlight its mission statement, published just a few months ago.

    Decentraland’s goal is to be a fun and interesting platform with a vibrant community educating and onboarding people to Web3 philosophy and technology. When the public realizes why decentralization is important, viable options will become available and the next iteration of the Internet will not be monopolized by a handful of companies.

    How Decentraland has grown in 2022

    A new way to use Decentraland

    • The PC client was released in April, followed by the MacOS client in August, with 161,000 downloads to date.
    • Decentraland is now also available in VR thanks to DAO-funded work. Learn more about VR Beta here.
    • Linux platform support is pending while feedback from Windows and MacOS clients is collected. At the same time, opportunities to work on mobile companion apps continue to be evaluated with external partners.
    • dynamic bird’s eye view genesis city was also created by DAO grant recipients.

    Customize your avatar

    • Linked Wearables is a big step towards metaverse interoperability with the first Linked Wearables collection released in June. There are currently 20,000 linked wearables available in Decentraland’s 12 different collections.
    • Added skins, a new wearable category for head-to-toe outfits.
    • RGB hair/eye color update came out in May, allowing avatars to choose eye and hair color.

    Protocol and SDK enhancements

    • SDK7 has been announced, a lot is planned and will be released soon.
    • The first version of the Decentraland Editor will ship in December and will eventually make creating experiences in Decentraland more efficient and accessible without coding skills.
    • Just before the end of 2022, Worlds, a personal virtual space separate from Genesis City available to anyone with the Decentraland name, launched in beta, serving as a brand new outlet for the creativity of the Decentralites. 91 worlds have been developed so far!
    • The Foundation has introduced weekly technical AMAs to increase transparency and knowledge sharing.
    • Decentraland Status page launched in October showing platform metrics
    • great repository As new models and features were created throughout 2022’s all-great event, we’ve added even more useful content.


    • 2022 was a big event for Decentraland. In total, there were 2800 unique events, including highly popular events such as Metaverse Fashion Week, dozens of conferences and trade fairs, and hundreds of partnership events.
    • The incubator program was launched to support both creators and game studios.
    • Platform-wide events such as Fashion Week, Pride Month, Art Week, the Metaverse Music Festival, and many others from the community made headlines throughout the year.
    • Community competitions such as the Film Club, Game Jam, Music Festival Emote, and Ugly Sweater competition provided excitement to the community throughout the year.

    Marketplace Update: Empowering the Creator Economy

    • NFT emotes were introduced at MVFW in March when the entire emote UI was streamlined and officially released to the community in September. To date he has issued 22.7k.
    • Started land rental in December. To date he has 260 properties and 29 leases signed.
    • A leaderboard and metrics dashboard has been added to the main Marketplace page to show sales statistics and trending items.
    • A My Store section has been added to help users manage their items and manage their brand.
    • You now have the option to offer marketplace items on the Polygon network.
    • MANA is now available for purchase directly on the Marketplace via Transak and Moonpay.
    • Creator royalties were introduced in January, and so far, 755 creators have received royalties totaling 6.5k MANA.

    Inworld update

    • In one year, 47,000 scenes were deployed by the community and foundation.
    • Regular inworld experience improvements are released throughout the year.You can see the changelog discord.
    • A new chat feature, Channels, launched in November and has sent over 12,000 messages to date. Wherever you are in Decentraland, the Decentralites can communicate.

    Decentraland numbers for 2022

    • 2.7 million NFTs issued (+440% YOY)
    • 1 million unique active users (+12.9% YOY)
    • 161k desktop client downloads
    • 143.9k wearable sales (+510% YOY)
    • 47.4k scenes deployed with Decentraland’s SDK (+696% YOY)
    • 22.7k minted emote
    • 2.8k events created (+169% YOY)
    • 755 creators who received royalties
    • 200+ partners onboarding

    Decentraland’s DAO in 2022

    • Three core units and one strategic unit have been created, with a total of 17 people currently working on it (GovSquad, Grant Support Squad (GSS), Facilitation Squad, Metaverse Studios).
    • 2.4 million VP per proposal (+375% YoY)
    • 1.1k DAO proposal (+95% YoY)
    • 18 million delegated VPs (+450% YoY)
    • 100 grants approved totaling $6.2 million ($600,000 recovered by GSS)
    • DAO Weekly Newsletter and Monthly Creators Highlights Now Available
    • A complete overhaul of the governance dApp
    • Approximately 921,000 MANA fees were sent to the DAO (US$1.6 million) to support Decentraland and fund the grant.

    Decentraland Monthly Highlights


    • The Australian Open was Decentraland’s first big event to kick off in 2022
    • Samsung 837x launches metaverse headquarters in Decentraland
    • Creators began receiving royalties for creating wearables and later emotes
    • Polygon Bid
    • User store


    • Lunar New Year
    • Decentraland 2nd Birthday Party
    • DAO transparency
    • Added skin category to wearables



    • Absolut.Land for Coachella
    • Beta of Decentraland desktop client for Windows and Mac launched
    • First NFT Marriage Certificate
    • Metaverse Inclusive Marathon, Degree Metathon

    in May





    • Launch of La Liga Land
    • Emote Release – Decentraland’s first hug ever happens!
    • Launch of the Finnish National Gallery


    • DAU discussions and collaboration with DappRadar improve how UAW data is collected
    • halloween quest
    • Public channel release in world



    Thanks for everything! Keep an eye out for his 2023 manifesto for Decentraland. Coming soon.


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