Deep Dive into the Metaverse and Web3: Second Global Law Symposium

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    This program will be live streamed.[登録]Click to see your in-person or virtual registration options.

    This program explores Web3 in law, emerging technologies, and the global nature of digital assets. It will focus on discussions regarding the regulatory and legislative landscape in this field in New York, the United States, and around the world. This event will delve into multiple practice areas and explore the impact that Web3, emerging technologies, and digital assets are having on how lawyers represent their clients, as well as the new and evolving legal issues presented by new uses of this technology. discuss. This event will feature discussions on hot topics in Web3 and emerging technologies.

    For more information, Program pamphlet!

    Program goals and opportunities:

    • Opportunity to engage with the global legal community on issues arising from Web3, emerging technologies and digital.

    assets and currencies.

    • Understand how to provide effective representation in this new space.

    • Education on legal issues such as Web3, emerging technologies, digital assets, and currencies.

    • Attracts lawyers and industry representatives from around the world.

    Day 1 | October 16, 2023:

    – Understand the impact of Web3/Metaverse/digital assets and currencies on the legal sector worldwide

    – Cybersecurity needs and concerns for lawyers involved in the use of Web3 and Metaverse technologies

    – Artificial Intelligence and Law: Who are we now?

    – How blockchain technology and digital assets will impact your practice and client interests, including real estate, trust, real estate, and tax implications.

    – Entertainment Law in Web3 and the Metaverse World

    – Understand the impact of Web3/Metaverse/digital assets and currencies on legal practice areas around the world: When do NFTs and blockchain, trademark and copyright issues arise?

    Reception (6pm – 8pm) | Arendt Fox Schiff LLP | 1301 6th Avenue 42nd Floor | New York, NY 10019

    *If you plan to attend a reception at ArentFox Schiff LLP, please email us. [email protected] May be added to security list. Limited to 100 people.

    Day 2 | October 17, 2023:

    – Cross-Border Regulation and Legislative Analysis: Pitfalls for Lawyers and Clients Operating in Web3: Web3 Regulation and Enforcement

    -The Nexus of Web3 and UCC: Navigating the New Digital Frontier

    – The importance of understanding the impact of technology on global engagement and law

    – Impact of Web3 on Arbitration and Mediation

    – Perspectives on criminal activity and expression in Web3: money laundering, DLT, fraud, and more

    – How cities around the world are using the Metaverse: Improving access to justice and resources

    – Ethical issues Web3/Metaverse brings to law: Cryptocurrency, privacy, ethics

    Program Chair:

    Sherry Levin Wallach, former president of the New York State Bar Association

    Planning committee:

    Sherry Levin Wallach, former president of the New York State Bar Association

    Dana V. Syracuse, Paul Hastings, LLP, New York, NY

    Jackie J. Drohan, Drohan Lee LLP, New York, NY

    Alexander Peikin, Attorney at Law, Alexander Peikin Law Office, PC, New York, NY

    Rick Tapia, Bull Blockchain Law LLP, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Professor Elizabeth Haas, New York University School of Professional Studies/Metaverse Collaborative, New York City

    Karl Kilb, Crescite Co-Founder/Chairman

    Matthew H. Feinberg, Goldberg Segalla LLP, White Plains, New York

    Pablo Segarra, lawyer and strategy consultant guiding Web3 native startups (Dominican Republic)

    Professor Mark Beckman, DMA United, New York University Founder/President, Professor Elizabeth Haas, New York University School of Professional Studies/

    Metaverse Collaborative, New York

    Marissa J. Moran, J.D., Professor, Law and Paralegal Studies, American Bar Association (ABA) Approved

    Education, New York – New York City Polytechnic Institute, Professional Studies

    Jeremy Evans, California Bar Association President, California Sports Lawyers® Founder, Los Angeles and Newport Beach

    In cooperation with:

    NYSBA International Department

    NYSBA Legal Practice Management Committee

    NYSBA Artificial Intelligence Task Force

    NYSBA Dispute Resolution Section

    Law Society of England and Wales

    California Bar Association

    UIA International Bar Association

    Barcelona Bar Association

    Ukrainian Bar Association

    Paris Bar Association

    Lawyers Council of England and Wales

    Bahamas Bar Association

    Dominican Bar Association

    University of Florence

    Portuguese Bar Association

    Sponsored by:


    Bull Blockchain Law, LLP

    New York University SPS

    Drohan Lee Law Office

    DMA United

    jurat blockchain

    ArentFox Schiff LLP

    edge legal

    American Legal Technology Association

    Registration must be canceled before Monday, October 9, 2023 to receive a full refund. No refunds will be given for cancellations made after the 9th. No refunds will be given in the event of a no-show or cancellation on the day of the event (October 16th and 17th).

    If you have any questions about registration, please contact our Member Resource Center. [email protected] or call 1-800-582-2452.


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