Differences between metaverse and web3

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    Two of the hottest terms in the technology world these days are Metaverse and Web3. But what exactly are these concepts and what is the difference between them?

    Before we analyze coincidences and differences, let's define them.

    What is web3?

    Web3 is the next step in the evolution of Web 2.0 And the main characteristic is to be intelligent, that is, to leverage data.

    Personalizing the experience of services and applications and adapting it to each user and his or her needs is an improvement, as it allows for a more optimized management of information and leads to a more efficient user experience.

    Blockchain technology facilitates the decentralization of networks, changing the relationship between users and large corporations, and is enhanced by the security this blockchain technology provides.

    One of the key features of web3 is that web applications are interconnected by personalized navigation, and technology that provides reliability puts the power in the hands of users and content creators as they navigate. It's about being able to control your own posts and preferences. Major technology company.

    Therefore, Web3 can be summarized as more reliable and autonomous as the data depends on each individual, and its main characteristics are its intelligence, ease of navigation, three-dimensionality and openness.

    Although the metaverse is not easy to define and there is no homogeneous description, it is important to think of the metaverse as the next evolution of the Internet, producing effects similar to those caused by the birth and emergence of the network itself. There is some consensus. time.

    But the truth is, no one knows what the relevance of the Metaverse will be in 30 years.

    One definition defines the metaverse as “A vast network of digital spaces, including expanded immersive 3D experiences, virtual reality and mixed reality, are interconnected and interoperable so you can easily move between them and create and explore with other people who are not in the same physical space. ”

    Having defined both terms, let's move on to the differences between them. The focus of the confusion may lie in the fact that these are projects in the development stage and are linked to the blockchain.

    While the Metaverse refers to the creation of a “new world,” Web3 focuses on a decentralized infrastructure that allows users to create and manage digital assets in the Metaverse itself as well.

    Another difference is web3 eliminates the middlemanwhich is not the case in the Metaverse.

    inside web 3 The user Ownership of one's own work and identitysomething that doesn't happen in the Metaverse.

    moreover, web3 users create content (You can even monetize it.) The Metaverse, on the other hand, is a 3D world and you interact in three dimensions.

    On the other hand, when it comes to those coincidences, for the Metaverse to live up to its promise, Web3 will need to work to enable secure transactions such as NFTs and other exchanges of value between different users.

    Both concepts are still in the development stage, but despite their differences, both are based on the promise of increased security for users, with the commonality being that they represent a reinvention of the Internet experience.

    In a world that is constantly changing, human connections are no exception. For this reason, Telefonica considers Web3 and Metaverse As an opportunity to connect people's lives.

    Technologies like Web3 bring new ways to build business models and services that can deliver great experiences in the metaverse.


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