Digital identities are a clear future need for the metaverse’s success

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    The Metaverse is wintering as the 2021 and 2022 hype wanes. However, the theme is not dead, and winter provides time for companies to refine concepts and strategies for future growth. To get there, companies need to invest in digital identity. Digital identity is defined as a collection of online information about a person, organization, or machine that, when grouped, can provide a digital representation of that entity. In the Metaverse, digital identity is non-negotiable. It is the backbone of security, personalization, and fluid interactions.

    Digital identity in the metaverse is a key focus area

    Identity authentication is essential to the success of the metaverse. But it still hasn’t received the attention it deserves. This changes as everyday activities such as attending events and work meetings move to the virtual world. The basic idea is to prove that a person is who they say they are in the Metaverse. We need to have a detailed conversation about the metaverse and how people construct their digital identities there.

    Mariona Campmany, former Digital Identity and Innovation Leader Mytech Systemssuggest that identity in the metaverse should be considered in much the same way as the genetic code that confirms biological identity. The idea is that people can use full-fledged alter egos to move through different environments in the Metaverse. However, achieving this requires a strong, unalterable record of identity. One way he accomplishes that may be through technology such as blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

    The main benefit of using digital identities in the metaverse is liquidity.

    In the future, blockchain and NFTs could allow established identities to move freely between immersive virtual worlds. Such liquidity is one of the main benefits of using digital identities as assets in the metaverse. However, freedom of movement in virtual environments can be challenged by social media platforms that prefer to impose control over data, behavior, and membership in a closed-loop world.

    In a more interoperable, open version of the metaverse that allows people to freely use their identities and their assets in different environments and for different purposes, NFTs could become identity enablers. However, the use of autonomous and portable identities based on blockchain disrupts the established routine of handing over personal data to centralized organizations.

    Avatar onboarding, re-verification, and continuous monitoring ensure that users are who they say they are in any virtual location. When someone does something as an avatar, I need to run his ID check in the background. Campmany argued that in the future we will move between different virtual environments, just as we move between countries when traveling, and we will need to form a digital identity that we can take with us everywhere.

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    Digital identity helps address identity concerns and enhances the metaverse experience

    The growing acceptance of digital identity brings into focus the concerns and development of identity in the metaverse. This will continue to drive interest in related technologies such as digital identity and self-sovereign identity, along with enabling technologies such as blockchain and his NFTs. Authenticated identities build trust, keep users safe, personalize experiences, and provide strong social interactions. In the Metaverse, digital identity is not just an option, but a way to unlock a dynamic and secure virtual world.


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