Digital marketing expert: COVID-19 introduced many to digital technology

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    Donald Patrick Lim, Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME and Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation, addresses attendees at the Tourism Summit on Friday, July 21st.Marielle Okubillo, CTU Intern

    Cebu City, Philippines — The COVID-19 pandemic has caused “permanent changes” in how people think and behave.

    According to Donald Patrick Lim, Chief Operating Officer of DITO CME and Chief Innovation Officer of Udenna Corporation, it also introduces many Filipinos to digital technology, which is the way of the future.

    Known as the father of digital marketing in the Philippines, Lim said the pandemic forced a sudden shift to digital marketing.

    At a presentation on “Digital Technologies for Sustainability” during the second day of the Tourism Summit in Cebu City on Friday, July 21, Lim said many people have started going cashless and are still going cashless.

    People also started to love online shopping applications.

    And as we move forward, the world is moving toward the use of artificial intelligence (AI), he added.

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    Lim said many were caught off-guard when the pandemic hit. It disrupted people’s way of life.

    But for him, the pandemic was the “great pause” that led to the current behavior of people and companies.

    “Maybe the new coronavirus is more than just a disease, it’s a wake-up call that humanity really takes responsibility to protect the planet,” he said.

    Many people have been confined to their homes due to the implementation of travel restrictions. Many workers have been allowed to work remotely.

    Some meetings and gatherings have also started to go virtual.

    Lim said all these changes caused her discomfort at first. Over time, people began to adapt and adjust to life.


    Speaking at the Tourism Summit, Lim presented four opportunities that “represent our present and will continue in the near future.” These are going cashless, deep linking, generating influencers, and introducing the metaverse.

    According to Lim, deep linking was a form of online marketing that allowed potential customers to access their preferred online shop by simply clicking on a particular application.

    He said a fourth opportunity, the Metaverse, will allow people to do many things virtually with the help of avatars from the comfort of their own homes.

    According to Google, an avatar is an icon or person that represents a particular person in video games, internet forums, etc.

    With your avatar, you can do virtually anything: attend concerts, play games, visit different locations, meet friends if they belong to the same metaverse, and more.

    Lim said the Metaverse could also have applications in the tourism industry, as it would allow people to experience certain places without actually visiting them.

    “Maybe not today or next year, but later on we will see fragments of the metaverse already being created,” he said. | Marielle Okubillo, CTU Intern

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