Discover a World of Infinite Possibilities in the Metaverse with RobotEra – The Next Big Thing?

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    The age of robots is coming metaverse A platform that provides users with an immersive and interactive Minecraft-like world-building experience. This game is the latest advancement in Metaverse gaming, pushing Minecraft-style gaming to new heights.

    Its innovative design integrates non-fungible tokens with both virtual and augmented reality, offering players a world-building experience that allows them to establish their own virtual communities and in-game economies.

    RobotEra was created with ease of use as a primary goal, with a user-friendly interface that appeals to players of all skill levels. The TARO cryptocurrency serves as the engine of the game economy, allowing players to purchase land, own NFTs, and participate in various in-game economic activities.

    As the player progresses, he can level up the main robot and his robot companions, construct buildings, and redesign the landscape to form his own thriving virtual community.

    Infinite Possibilities in the Robot Age

    RobotEra’s intuitive editor tools give players unlimited creativity when building and customizing their lands and robots. Want a garden in the sky? keep it up. What about Underground Castle? no problem.

    The vast open world has numerous areas that can be explored for rewards, and players can test their skills against quest challenges found within Central City.

    Players can also explore their artistic skills, submit original artwork to museums, and attend concerts to help build an interactive ecosystem. RobotEra also allows players to bring NFTs from other spaces.

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    Story of the Robot Age

    The Metaverse platform takes place in the once beautiful world of Taro, which has just experienced a cataclysmic war between Aborigines and robots. Now a group of robots with human-like minds have become rulers of the planet. Faced with a devastated world, robots use their special abilities to restore the planet’s past prosperity and create a more glorious civilization and a brighter future.

    In Taro, players have their own piece of land that they can participate in various activities such as mining, building, collecting energy, and playing.

    Taro has no centralized governance system or centralized leadership. Instead, community organizations co-founded by all users decide the fate of the world. All players can propose or decide on implementation strategies for their faction, and decide on the use of tokens in their faction’s treasury. If you have a good idea or contribution, you can apply for Taro’s reward.

    Players who want to participate in governance and become managers must pledge tokens. Only players who have successfully deposited tokens can participate in the voting. The final vote count will determine who will be the manager of each faction, and they will have the right to guide the future direction of the faction’s development. However, all players holding RobotEra assets will contribute to rebuilding Taro’s planet together.

    Play-to-Earn Metaverse Platform

    RobotEra promises a frictionless play and earn experience. Taro allows players to experience gameplay such as mining, exploring, crafting, and fighting while earning income through various means such as cultivating sacred trees, selling NFTs, advertising, and staking tokens. increase. The more players participate in the game’s community and economy, the more they can benefit from their role in rebuilding Taro.

    RobotEra Presale Gains Momentum

    TARO tokens are the official currency of RobotEra’s Metaverse platform and can be bought, sold and traded by users in-game. Recently, RobotEra launched the first round of his TARO token presale.

    Each TARO token is currently $0.02, but will rise to $0.025 in the second phase.Investors are USDT or ethereumThe funds raised during the presale will be used to develop the game and improve the overall user experience.

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