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    Tokyo, January 16, 2024 – (JCN Newswire) – NTT Docomo, Inc. announced that it has developed a generation AI that automatically generates non-player characters (NPCs), characters that are not controlled by the player, in the Metaverse based solely on text input. This technology, which Docomo believes is the first in the world,1Generate NPCs that embody unique looks, behaviors, and roles in just 20 minutes.2 No special programming or algorithmic expertise is required.

    This technology includes motion logic generation AI, animation generation AI,3 and appearance generation AI.Four Seamless synchronization of behavioral logic generation AI and three types of AI is a unique development of DoCoMo. An important achievement that shows that new technology is at the cutting edge.

    Behavior logic generation AI automatically creates a unique behavior treeFive This defines the behavior of NPCs in the metaverse using text only. Previously, creating a behavior tree required a skilled programmer to develop the necessary specifications using code.

    behavior tree

    In addition, by automatically linking the three generation AIs, it is possible to link the behavior tree generated by the behavior logic generation AI, the NPC skeleton data generated by the animation generation AI, and the NPC 3D model generated by the animation generation AI. Equipped with appearance generation AI, it is possible to automatically generate NPCs using only text.

    Cooperation of three generation AIs

    This technology advancement is part of Docomo's Lifestyle Co-Creation Lab, which works with partners to evaluate technologies that improve lives. The aim is to build an innovation co-creation platform that can be used in various industries. Rooted in the concept of metacommunication and aimed at fostering new community identities, Docomo aims to integrate this technology with its Large Language Model (LLM) infrastructure and personal data resources.

    Going forward, Docomo plans to further strengthen this technology and implement it in the Metaverse “DOOR” operated by NTT Quonoc Corporation during the fiscal year ending March 2025, with the aim of realizing more convenient and enriched lives for customers. Masu. Related technologies and services are aimed at supporting regional revitalization and development.

    This technology isnew windowdocomo open house '24” Online event starts from January 17th.

    (1) Research by Docomo (as of December 2023).NTT Docomo, Inc. is applying for a patent.
    (2) Based on the verification results of this project.
    (3) Purpose new windowHuman motion diffusion model technology.
    (4) Purpose new windowtext 2 mesh.
    (5) Structures used to create NPC (Non Player Character) behavior. Arranged in a hierarchical tree, they visually represent a character's thoughts and actions, allowing you to visually understand the flow of reasoning that leads to their actions.

    About NTT Docomo

    NTT DOCOMO is a leading Japanese mobile operator with more than 88 million subscribers and one of the world's largest contributors to 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network technologies. Beyond core communications services, Docomo is collaborating with an increasing number of business entities (“+d” partners) to challenge new frontiers and provide exciting and convenient additions that change the way people live and work. We will create value services. Under our medium-term plan for 2020 and beyond, Docomo will develop a cutting-edge 5G network and promote innovative services that exceed customer expectations and surprise and impress.

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