Don’t let kids into the metaverse, campaigners beg Mark Zuckerberg

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    Currently, Horizon Worlds, a virtual reality app for Meta’s flagship Quest headset, is to be restricted to 18 or more users. However, other apps are listed as suitable for users aged 13.

    A report published in March by the Center for Countering Digital Hate also uncovered incidents of users who said they were under the age of 18 using Horizon Worlds. Researchers claimed to have found multiple instances of sexually explicit harassment and racist insults within Horizon World.

    The letter to Zuckerberg read:[The] The immersive environment of VR presents and potentially magnifies the risk of harm to young people through social media and excessive digital device use. “

    Meta has faced criticism that its social media app could negatively impact teens’ mental health. An internal study on her Instagram leaked in 2021 found that the teenage girl felt her app had made her body image worse. Many teenage suicides are traced to harmful use of social media.

    The tech giant often claims that its studies show that teenagers have positive relationships with social media.

    A Meta spokesperson said:

    “Quest headsets are intended for people 13 and older and we encourage parents and caregivers to use parental monitoring tools, such as controlling access to apps, to ensure a safe experience. doing.”

    Horizon Worlds features a digital world billed for a decidedly older audience, a so-called “mature” world featuring more suggestive themes such as alcohol and violence.


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