Dreamscape Immersive launches multisensory VR “Alien Zoo”

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    Images from Dreamscape Immersive

    location based startup dreamscape immersive .

    The Dreamscape Immersive Intergalactic Exhibit allows up to 6 people for a 40-minute time slot. The experience itself is only his 12 minutes, but the participant needs time to prepare her VR headset, backpack, shoe covers, and sensor-equipped gloves.

    In the Alien Zoo environment, each person has a full-body avatar. To make this possible, Dreamscape Immersive altanimis a Swiss research institute developing motion capture technology that tracks a person’s head, hands and feet and uses this information to calculate how the rest of the body is positioned. I have created a mapping software.

    Once set up, participants are transported into a virtual environment where they can observe and interact with fictional creatures such as giant Megaraffes, strangely adorable Frogcats, and villainous Sicari.

    company describe the virtual world As a place where people can “touch, feel and smell” [their] Surrounding”. In Hollywood Reporter interviewWalter Parkes, co-chairman of Dreamscape Immersive, said: … all of which lead to a feeling of a fairly real experience. “

    With investors like IMAX, Nickelodeon and Steven Spielberg, Dreamscape Immersive is primarily focused on improving storytelling, and “Alien Zoo” is a glimpse into the company’s capabilities. The company isn’t slowing down, either, according to Parkes, as future projects will “connect to major franchises.”


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