Dubai to Host the First Ever Metaverse Architecture Biennale

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    Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB), “Future Presence” will be held this year From September 21st to 24th, Bringing together top creators from around the world to reveal the importance of architecture and design in reimagining Web3 and the Metaverse as powerful platforms for business and culture.

    Inspired by the Venice Biennale and Expo, the Metaverse Architecture Biennale showcases virtual pavilions and worlds created by digital design vanguard architects such as Killa Design, LAVA, PLP, ATRIUM, Soomeen Hahm, Spaces DAO, and DA. Masu. , Il Prisma, SA lab, iheartblob, Mariana Cabugueira Studios, Illusorr, Drew Gilbert, plus his 15 leading designers selected through open competition.

    Decentraland and world, two prominent Metaverse platforms will serve as venues to create an immersive experience for visitors. Attendees will be given the opportunity to teleport between these two worlds to explore virtual pavilions, participate in interactive exhibits and connect with a global community of creators. This online event is free and open to everyone, and you only need a computer to join the platform.

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    The 1st Metaverse Architecture Biennale is a visionary effort that serves as a platform to showcase the transformative potential of the Metaverse and explore its impact on various industries. Over four days, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in virtual pavilions created by top designers, participate in engaging talks and performances, and discover advanced Metaverse solutions for businesses.

    The event features renowned architectural firms, industry leaders and visionary creators at the forefront of this digital revolution. A call for virtual his creators is already open to select global talent and showcase their projects among the big names of the Biennale.

    In addition to the Biennale’s ‘architectural’ environment, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in cultural and entertainment events, lectures and lectures, an architectural carnival, and more. The public program will be published closer to the event date and will include professionals from the architecture, metaverse, design and marketing industries.

    “We aim to redefine the role of architecture and design in shaping the future of the Metaverse. Just as graphic design helped shape the Internet we use today, architecture has shaped the Metaverse. I truly believe that it will play an integral role in the creation of Said Sergey Nadochyco-organizer and curator of MAB.

    “This event will not only showcase the amazing creativity of our global community, but will also serve as a platform for exploring the endless possibilities that the Metaverse offers businesses around the world.” Added Irina Dubovikco-organizer of MAB.

    With over 50,000 attendees expected, 10 major companies in attendance, and an open call for awards, the event offers a unique opportunity to contribute to Web3 technology and be exposed to a global audience.

    The organizers promise a variety of pre-event activities to familiarize the audience with the topics of the Metaverse platform, Web3 technologies, virtual architecture and design.

    For more information on partnership opportunities and event registration, follow event news on our website ( and on social media.

    The MAB organizer team, W3rlds, Dearch Space, Metancy, and Web3 Digital Marketing, is a leading force in architecture and design with a deep passion for embracing emerging technologies and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.
    Hosted by: W3rlds, Darch Space, Metacy, Web3 Digital Marketing

    This online event is free and open to everyone, and all you need is a computer to join the platform.

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    About the Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB)

    The Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB) is a global initiative organized by W3rlds, Dearch Space, Metancy and Web3 Digital Marketing, the companies behind many prestigious Metaverse events, digital marketing campaigns and award-winning virtual architecture projects. . Decentraland and W3rlds are two of the most popular metaverse platforms, with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and hundreds of projects by different brands.

    The festival is greatly supported by the ever-growing Metaverse community, its creators, and the companies working in this space. We also encourage more partners and media to attend the event to make it a true celebration of Metaverse culture and business opportunities.


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