Earn crypto while gaming: Sponge V2, Decentraland and Floki P2E projects in Meme Coin Market 2024

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    The evolution of the Internet into Web 3.0 or the “Metaverse” has given users the opportunity to earn money while playing video games. This opportunity aims to transform the Internet into an alternate reality centered around playful interaction, decentralization, and economic prospects.

    Powering the Web 3.0 economy are Sponge V2, Decentraland, and Floki, each offering play-to-earn (P2E) experiences. Users participate in these experiences to earn cryptocurrencies that can be spent within blockchain marketplaces.

    FLOKI was introduced in 2021 after Elon Musk adopted a Shiba Inu puppy named Floki. This adorable pup is currently the face of the FLOKI meme she coins. While there are many Doge-themed meme coins out there, FLOKI stands out as one of the pioneers designed for widespread adoption.

    Dubbed “the people’s coin,” FLOKI employs a proof-of-stake mechanism, resulting in faster transactions and lower costs compared to Dogecoin. FLOKI has announced four flagship utility projects aimed at building the Metaverse ecosystem, driving both entertainment and community empowerment. Two of these projects involve the creation of his NFT gaming metaverse, named Valhalla, and the establishment of an NFT marketplace.

    Valhalla represents a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that utilizes FLOKI tokens. Players fight on an island set in the medieval Viking Age.

    Accumulated FLOKI tokens can be used within the NFT marketplace to purchase various items, including assets to personalize your digital avatar.

    For those not interested in Viking lore or Doge memes, Decentraland offers an attractive option that operates on a PoS mechanism and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a virtual reality platform that allows users to create, profit from and participate in diverse content.

    Decentraland's main feature is to allow users to purchase virtual land parcels using MANA, the token that powers the Decentraland platform. Once these plots are acquired, they can be developed and traded. While FLOKI is a play-to-earn game that leans towards fantasy-driven action, MANA focuses on a more realistic side, centered around the concept of real estate within the Metaverse.

    sponge (SPONGE) has soared 4,000% since its inception in May 2023. Now back as a v2 token, SPONGE sets new benchmarks by leveraging the potential of Play-to-Earn (P2E) and collaborating with other prominent P2E projects such as Decentraland and Floki. We aim to do so.

    In a meme coin market dominated by Doge-centric meme coins, SPONGE stands out as an alternative and is currently 70% more expensive than PEPE, another non-Doge meme coin that gained attention after its launch in April 2023. value is attached.

    The feature of SPONGE is its trajectory. Unlike some altcoins that start with a pre-sale phase, SPONGE bypassed this step completely and chose to launch directly on Uniswap. This strategic move, coupled with Uniswap's robust infrastructure, propelled SPONGE over 320% within his 12 hours, confirming its immediate value in the market.

    Trade the above consistently $0.0003, SPONGE boasts a rich community with over 11,000 token holders and over 30,000 social followers. Notably, SPONGE trading volume exceeded $135,000, with over $1.6 million worth of SPONGE staked as a bridge to the new v2 token, reflecting strong community participation and expectations.

    The introduction of v2 tokens by SPONGE is primarily aimed at leveraging the potential of P2E and mirrors similar efforts seen with Decentraland and Floki. While Decentraland focuses on virtual real estate and Floki unveils his fantasy-driven P2E game, SPONGE plans to immerse gamers in the world of Bikini Bottom.

    This new crypto game is SPONGE v2 tokenplayers can race as SpongeBob and his friends, fostering a P2E ecosystem similar to the Valhalla game Metaverse (Floki's Initiative).

    SPONGE operates as an Ethereum-based coin utilizing a PoS mechanism, with over 51% of SPONGEV2 token supply dedicated to staking and P2E rewards.

    We strive to creatively blend meme culture and cryptographic innovation to capture the attention of a diverse audience seeking engaging P2E experiences within the crypto space.

    As the concept of the Metaverse approaches, various cryptocurrencies are vying for supremacy, aiming to imprint their creativity on this new digital space. The unpredictable nature of meme coins is also evident as DOGE and PEPE strive to reach their previous peaks.

    Sponge V2 envisions a path to a metaverse that can serve the interests of the community and seeks to position itself as a potential frontrunner for meme coins.

    The goal of Sponge V2 is to white paperis to establish an interactive and engaging corner within the metaverse, offering economic opportunities in contrast to traditional centralized spaces. It aims to attract users by offering a more fun and diverse experience than the mundane field, which lacks memes and faces technical shortcomings.

    To purchase Sponge V2, users should visit the official website. Website Buy tokens with ETH, USDT, or card options.


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